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The growing demand for marketing software and tech

Technology should no longer be viewed as an added bonus when it comes to your business. Instead, it plays a crucial part in helping you achieve the best results possible in the world of sales and marketing. With so many different types available — and so many channels, strategies and teams it can be used to support — there’s no excuse to dismiss the importance of investing in the right software. Let’s explore the growing demand for high-quality software solutions — the key benefits it presents and the how you can get the most out of it and maximize your potential.

An introduction to B2B marketing software

According to social media today, 75% of marketers say they currently use at least one type of marketing automation tool. And, Walker Sands found that 88% of marketers use more than one martech tool on a regular basis. So, if you want to stand out in a crowded market and keep up with your competitors, designing the ultimate martech stack to support your strategy is vital. But, what do you need help with? Which areas of your business need a boost? And, what could you do better if you had the right tools and resources in place? If you’re looking to future-proof your business — technology is the best way to help you stay ahead. And remember, the industry evolves quickly. In fact, more than half of marketers think that the martech industry is evolving faster than their business’s use of marketing tech.

8 key benefits of B2B marketing technology

So, how can the right tech help your business?

  • Gain high-quality insight

Getting to know your audience is highly valuable — especially in a world where your potential buyers expect high-quality customer experience and a personalized approach. With the right B2B marketing tools in place, you can track user behavior, acquire data and gain necessary insight.

  • Automate, speed up or eliminate processes

Increase productivity, maximize your resources and optimize the time you have. With automation, B2B teams can reduce the time spent on menial and repetitive tasks and, instead, focus on more impactful tasks, campaigns and opportunities.

  • Reduce human error

Through the power of high-quality, intelligent software, the chances of human error are reduced. Whether through effective lead and data management or content automation, technology supports processes that may be impacted if an error is made by a team member.

  • Improve customer experience

Speed up your response time, open up simple and intuitive communication channels, embrace chatbots and artificial intelligence to help your customers get the answers they need — and ensure that every step of your customer’s journey is seamless.

  • Align multiple teams

Give your teams the tools they need to work together and achieve common business goals. Don’t dismiss the importance of this — according to HubSpot, “tightly aligned” organizations achieve a 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.

  • Measure and track results

In most cases, digital marketing technology brings with it analytics, tracking capabilities, and advanced tools for monitoring and measuring your results. Make data-fueled decisions, optimize your approach and maximize your ROI at every opportunity.

  • Increase scalability and sustainability

Software presents your business with the opportunity to maintain what you’re currently doing, as well as grow and expand. This helps create consistency, and enables you to increase your opportunities and move forward — even if your resources are limited.

  • Offer personalization

With enhanced data, customer and audience insight, and automation technology, you’ll be able to offer highly-personalized, bespoke experiences to your customers. This boosts relevance and increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

How to get the most from B2B software

To get the most out of the software you opt to use, it’s crucial to include it in your business strategy from the outset. This way, you can check your budget, and assess whether or not you have the resources in place to fully understand, manage and properly utilize the tool. Set clear objectives, and ensure the tech you implement is making your life easier, not more difficult. Select tools that integrate with each other seamlessly, provide a simple and intuitive user experience, and have an easy and supportive onboarding process.

Lead Forensics is an innovative reverse IP tracking software that helps transform the lead generation process for B2B organizations. It works by tracking your business website and, by utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, identifying the business your website visitors are coming from. Users receive real-time notifications, contact details of key decision-makers and detailed user journeys. This way, they can reach out to the right person, from the right organization, at exactly the right time. Whether it’s a first-time visitor or a pipeline prospect or an existing customer, users are provided with the insight they need to conduct the ultimate follow-up. Discover a bounty of new leads directly through your B2B website and book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today.


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