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How to avoid seasonal slumps in business lead generation

We all love seasonal success! Nothing feels better than planning your holiday campaign and seeing the results pour in. But that doesn’t always happen; for every business, there’s at least one season that brings a slump. Results drop off, it seems like no-one is in the office and you struggle to remember what it feels like to meet targets. This isn’t personal to your business, it’s totally normal- so let’s tackle this head on- how can we strategize our business lead generation efforts to make the most of holiday seasons, and ensure we produce a consistent result for sales pipeline longevity.



We’ve rounded up our 7 favourite tips to help you combat the holiday blues, so you can get your team back on track and deliver outstanding results all 12 months of the year. Be it Christmas, summer holidays or Thanksgiving, it’s time to avoid that seasonal slump and achieve your best business lead generation.


Set a sympathetic goal 


Whether you’re midway through a seasonal slump desperate for a way out or planning to tackle your busier seasons, getting your goals sorted is an essential first step. You will of course have a goal to meet for your business needs, but don’t hinge too much focus on that. Think instead about your team, and how they work through a seasonal slump. To keep them motivated and believing it’s achievable, you need to set some mini-goals, sympathetic to the time-period. If you need to get a minimum of 100 business leads over a difficult month, break it down and motivate your team daily- tell them if they get 7 in one day, they all get pizza. Once it’s been done once, they’ll see getting 7 per day is perfectly possible and up the stakes for more incentives, which across the month will put them above minimum target!


This act of setting mini-goals may seem counter-productive, but when your team hear a large quarterly target, it seems insurmountable. They’re committed to delivering on a daily or weekly level, so you need to adjust targets to fit their mentality. When all is going well they are motivated by previous success, but one bad week at the start of a seasonal slump can send team morale in a downward spiral and sabotage your results. Teams who set short-term goals are 10 times more likely to achieve difficult targets than those who don’t, so take the time to plan and prepare your team for slump-success!


Maximize on time sensitive offers


Seasonal slumps cause businesses grief as they struggle to get decision makers to inquire; when approaching a holiday season, many businesses don’t see the point of investing in something new. But there is a way to boost those pre-holiday inquiries with time sensitive offers.


By offering something new and exciting, be it a discount, a free additional feature or a new seasonal product and creating a sense of urgency by attaching a time-sensitive deadline, you can tackle the seasonal slump. We’re all keen to make the most of a good deal, especially in business when budgets are strict, so this is a great way to pull warm leads over the line, getting those who have been “possibly interested” for a while to take the plunge. They get a great deal, and you get the business leads you need- a win-win!

This tactic can also work extremely well for webinars, by creating a sense of urgency through the number of places remaining. Webinars are a great way to boost brand engagement, and if your call-to-action is well placed, you can drive a large amount of new business leads too. Plan a webinar well in advance of your seasonal slump and drum up excitement with a sense of limited spaces to drive engagement.


Call in referrals 


If your seasonable slump has you in need of a business lead boost, look to referrals. Your client base offers a great resource for new business lead generation; whilst 83% of clients are happy to provide referrals, only 29% of businesses ask for them! It’s a hugely untapped resource, and a powerful one at that. As 9 out of 10 buying decisions are made with peer recommendations, a business lead gained through a client referral is high-quality, and very likely to buy.


Why not offer a seasonal referral scheme? If you know Christmas is a difficult time for your business, offer clients some form of Christmas gift incentive if they refer 1,3 or 5 leads to your team before the year is out. It only takes a few clients to each refer a couple of leads each and soon you’ll be much closer to target than you thought!


Try shaking it up


It seems like a great idea to make everything festive, referencing the holiday season in question, but sometimes this is part of the problem– it fails to stand out because everyone is doing it! Business lead generation during seasonal slumps is tricky, so you need to shake things up to see success. 

Get creative. Platforms like social media offer all sorts of ways for you to get inventive, grabbing your audience’s attention instead of blending in. In your email campaigns, try voicing your worst fear- “you’re probably relaxing on the beach right now but…”. It may well be true, but it is also effective in grabbing your audience without seeming desperate for more leads. This is a great way to show your personality and build report with your audience.

The lesson here is don’t just carry on as normal– that’s a sure-fire way to let the slump swallow your results and leave you with a very empty pipeline. It doesn’t have to be spur of the moment either- if you’re dreading a seasonal sump, get some peace of mind by designing your campaigns now, giving your team the best chance for success.


Get social


We’ve briefly mentioned social media and there’s a good reason- it could be the secret to your seasonal slump success! When we’re on holiday or out of the office, we don’t religiously check our emails, or brush up on any content we’ve missed. We do however, continue to engage with social media– so focus your efforts on a social strategy.


LinkedIn is a great place to start– many business decision makers continue to engage with their LinkedIn profiles when on holiday, as it offers a simple way to quickly check in with their working lives. For marketers, LinkedIn offers some incredible business lead generation opportunities. Start by setting up a detailed, branded profile. Share some brand content and information in relevant grounds, then look to add-ons like LinkedIn Helper or Sales Navigator to directly connect and communicate with prospects.

Properly strategized, social media efforts can bring fresh business leads during slumps, costing you almost nothing- great results and a brilliant ROI.


Try guerrilla marketing 


A fairly new addition to the world of B2B lead generation, guerrilla marketing describes a campaign that goes above and beyond to stand out, usually through some public display. For example, setting up an enormous installation at an event that relates to your business and product. There are no limits; think of what your product can do and what it means for businesses, then transfer that message into an impactful and exciting piece of marketing at a local business venue or event.


A seasonal slump is often felt by many; where you’re struggling to see new business leads, you’re probably also holding back on future investments? Guerrilla marketing gives you back the power card, creating something totally unpredictable, so people just have to come and ask for more!


Identify your website traffic


Even during a seasonal slump, your website will still get visitors– so find out who they are and gain plenty of actionable, valuable leads! Lead Forensics can do just that, telling you what businesses are visiting your website, providing contact details for key decision makers and insightful analysis of each visit. Lead Forensic can tell you:


  • The names and addresses of businesses visiting your website, in real time
  • Contact details for key decision makers including names and email address
  •  A full journey breakdown featuring pages viewed, referral and visit duration

Never miss a lead again, fuel your pipeline with sales-ready opportunities and stop struggling through your seasonal slumps- embrace the power of Lead Forensics. Book your free demo today!


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