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How to create high converting landing pages

Let’s talk about landing pages. Often separate from your homepage, and personalized to specific campaigns, each of your landing pages should be created with one, singular goal in mind. For B2B marketers, high-converting landing pages are essential — to maximize the ROI, to generate more business leads, and to engage your visitors no matter how they arrive on your site. According to Interactive Content, marketers only have 8 seconds to make an impression on a landing page. So, you have to get it right! While every business is different, and there’s no one-size-fit-all approach to conversion-rate optimization (CRO), there are some tried and tested tactics proven to secure results.

Display a relevant hero image

Let’s face it. When we’re busy, we don’t want to spend large quantities of our time reading landing page copy — even if we’re interested in what it says. So, to increase conversions and reduce the number of visitors that exit your landing pages before inquiring, you need to think visually! According to Xerox, website visitors are 80% more likely to read content that is combined with images. So, invest in high-quality imagery that’s relevant to your audience or campaign specifically. And, remember, the contents of your landing pages don’t have to be static. In fact, Eyeview Digital found that videos can increase landing page conversions by as much as 86%.

Make your calls-to-action catchy and clear

Marketing Experiments found that almost half of landing pages include more than one offer — even though the same source found that multiple CTAs on a landing page can reduce conversion-rates by as much as 266%. So, you must identify the singular, specific goal of your landing page — and then dedicate your page to reaching that goal. Place CTAs proudly above the fold to stand out to visitors and boost acquisition, make them ‘clickable’ wherever you can, and opt for snappy, instructional language. Don’t forget to add CTAs to your on-site content marketing and blogs, too — Brafton increased one client’s revenue by 83% in just one month by adding CTA buttons to article templates, for example.

Sell features and benefits — not products

In B2B marketing, it’s easy to get carried away with the technicalities of the product or service you sell. Sure, your prospect needs to know what they’re signing up for — but remember, they’re interested in how it can help them. Get to know your audience and understand the unique selling point (USP) that most resonates with them. Highlight the features that will captivate your potential buyers, the benefits to their business and the specific pain-points that working with you will address. Remember, each of your potential customers is different — and your landing pages and campaigns should reflect that. Personalization is powerful when it comes to conversions. Don’t forget the power of social proof when it comes to high-converting landing pages, too — use case studies, testimonials, and client reviews to help reassure your visitors and unlock revenue more quickly.

Make the user-journey simple

Since your landing pages are there to serve one purpose and reach one goal, the user-experience you deliver on these pages needs to match this level of simplicity. Don’t give your users the chance to get distracted by the navigation bar and start moving through your site. Instead, keep your design simple, make your carefully placed and engaging CTAs obvious and keep form-fills as short and sweet as you can. Ensure the landing page message matches that of the campaign or channel that drove the visitor there, and create a post-inquiry experience that clearly shows the inquirer that their desired action has been completed.

Promote your page

Remember, don’t just leave your landing page sitting there. You want people to see it and take action, right? Share your campaign-specific landing page link as part of a targeted, engaging campaign across all of your digital marketing channels. Promote it via your social media platforms, share it with affiliates and influencers that are willing to post it to their own channels, use it in paid-for digital marketing campaigns and more. This will help raise awareness of your brand or campaign, increase the traffic to your website, give you maximum chance of conversion, and work in the background to boost your SEO ranking, too!

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