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How to recruit exceptional sales talent

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So, finding sales talent with the necessary experience and knowledge is even more difficult. It’s time to stop focusing on the “sell me this pen” interview technique and dig deeper. What does an exceptional salesperson need for B2B sales success? And how can you learn quickly if they’re cut from the right cloth?
Let’s start by looking at what makes a B2B sales process different from any other, and what that means for sales recruitment.
Firstly, there’s more decision makers.
There is an average of seven decision makers involved in the buyer journey in every B2B purchase. Pleasing one person on the end of a call is difficult, but a room of seven? Now that’s a skill! Your candidates need to have the ability to work with all different personality types, gain charisma in a crowd and come across as a respectful expert. This is no easy feat!
Secondly, there’s more money involved.
Business purchases can be for hundreds or even thousands. And, the money rarely belongs to the person spending it, so the value intensifies. Encouraging people to hand over a large amount of money they don’t own? That’s another skill. Your candidates need to curate and nurture a relationship between your product and the prospect to confirm its true value and help prospects part with those big figures.
Finally, there’s more product complexity.
This is a struggle seen by many B2B organizations serving unique industries. B2B sales teams need to understand the product’s complexities, be able to mold them to the prospect, and understand how it can benefit their business. So, along with a myriad of other skills, these three are essential to any B2B sales process. Now, the eternal question. How can you tell if the candidate is the right one?
Here are a few hints to help get you started.
First, you need to know their values!
To be successful in sales you need to be driven my people. You may be selling a product for money, but it will be sold by your desire to understand people’s needs and solve their problems. You also need to know their moral values. Give candidates a scenario where they must choose between telling the prospect the truth, though it could hurt their chances, or lying to them. If they choose to lie, what does it say about their values? Ask them about their career goals and aspirations, too. If they value their career and professional reputation with a drive to learn and grow, they could be an exceptional candidate further down the line.
Access their technical abilities
Successful sales teams use software to help them, from a good CRM to sales lead generation tools like Lead Forensics. Any talent you recruit needs to be tech aware. Recent studies show 90% of B2B sales professionals describe sales tech as either “important” or “very important” to closing sales. Technical ability helps candidates perform well in every aspect. They’re able to manage and organize data in your CRM. They can use software such as LinkedIn to help their sales processes. And, they are able to easily work technology in front of prospects if called for, like running conference calls or showing online demonstrations.
Be thorough with references
Skipping references can be a huge mistake. To get exceptional talent, go the extra mile and call in their references. It may seem overkill, but ask for 4 references, including their previous employer.
Test their sales knowledge
See how much they know about B2B sales during the interview. Drop some basic terminology and on-topic sales techniques and see how they react. They don’t need to know everything, but some knowledge proves they are actively learning.
Make sure they know what to expect
Are they sat in your interview because this is a job of preference? Or, because it is a last resort? Ask them what they think the job role entails and stress there is no wrong answer! This gives you insight into how much research they’ve done into your company, and how they expect to spend “a day in the life”. From this, you know if they applied because they’re passionate about what you do or because they need the work.
Recruiting exceptional sales talent helps your team produce the best results. Take time and pride in selecting the most outstanding candidates, so you can build a world-class sales team!
Speaking of world class B2B sales, why not discover how Lead Forensics can revolutionize your search for new business opportunities, by evolving your sales lead generation?
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