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How website analytics can help you convert leads into sales

From start-ups to global corporations, if you’re a business operating in today’s digital world then you’re likely to have invested in a website. Get it right – with a well-structured, well-written and attractive site that’s been shaped around your target customers – and it could work wonders for your results.

But more than just looking the part, your website should be working just as hard as you are to generate sales leads, while giving you insights that can be used to help nurture them towards the end goal and a sale.

If you don’t already use some form of web analytics, then you are missing out on a potential goldmine of information that’s just there for the taking. And it’s not just about how many people are coming to your site, it’s about digging deeper to reveal behaviours that can help you shape your marketing activity and content.

There’s loads of data that analytics tools can uncover, which could prove very useful. For example:


1. How visitors use the site and opportunities you may have missed


  • Which are the most popular and the least popular pages
  • How are visitors moving through the site, from page to page
  • Which pages are ‘exit’ pages where visitors are most likely to then leave the site
  • How many visitors ‘bounce’ – i.e. visit the site then leave straightaway
  • How many unique and return visitors are you getting
  • How long are visitors spending on each page
  • What search terms are they using – to not only find your site but also once they are on it
  • What country and region visitors are coming from
  • Which type of platform are people using to access your site (which can present a real opportunity if you don’t currently have a mobile site but visitors are finding you on such devices)


2. Which marketing activity is working the best and giving you a strong ROI


  • Advanced tools can give you a detailed overview of where your web traffic is coming from and allow you to link it through to your sales conversions
  • You can look at the return on investment you are getting for different marketing activity you are doing
  • You can see which is your top content – getting the most click-throughs or holding visitor attention the longest
  • Equally you can see the content which isn’t doing so well, hardly being looked at or visitors are quickly leaving the page


Google Analytics and other similar tools can help you look out for patterns and see what’s working and what’s not. Taking it even further, building IP tracking into your website can enable you to find out even more. This form of analytics allows you to track and discover more about anyone who is visiting your site, particularly B2B visitors accessing your site from a company IP address

If these visitors go on to download content from your site, or to share their details through any other form of data capture, then you can piece together a very detailed picture about them and the journey they have followed – from the pages they look at, to whether they are converting.

Overall from a marketing perspective, having clever analytics tools built in to your website will help you greatly in your efforts to nurture leads, qualify them and warm them up to pass on to the sales team. With detailed web insights you have real time information about what’s working right now and will be better able to tailor your campaigns to the needs of visitors – helping you maximise your efforts for quality leads, instead of marketing to a huge audience of unknown web visitors. If you can pinpoint your own recipe for content success, then you’re in a great position and can start producing more of it.

The key is to use the information available through website analytics to uncover conversion potential. If you analyse the website over time using these tools, then you can be reactive to what the information is telling you and strengthen your buyer journey. Keep a log of all your activity and any changes you make, as that way you can monitor which action caused which result.


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