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3 ways to increase your qualified leads through your lead generation strategies

Effective lead generation is an age-old concern for businesses. You need new customers to thrive and grow ⁠— so a lead gen strategy is necessary for success. And, you need to remember to look after your existing customers in the process! It is crucial to remember the importance of quality over quantity ⁠— quality lead generation makes all the difference in the long run. When significant time, budget and resources are spent on marketing efforts, you need to be drawing in relevant leads for the sales team to nurture through the pipeline. Here are 3 sure-fire ways to take your B2B lead generation process to the next level!

Lead generation software

Making use of lead generation tools to streamline your lead generation process is a strategy that guarantees success. Whether you want to generate more leads, improve quality, align sales and marketing or acquire more data, there is a software to help you. According to Email Monday, more than half of businesses are already using marketing automation, and half of B2B organizations plan to adopt the technology. Ignoring technology and its many benefits could mean you risk falling behind your competitors and losing out on ready-to-buy leads. Software can help maximize your online business leads, help manage customer relationships, and improve your nurture process, all under one roof. Discover the must-have lead generation software for your business, according to Lead Forensics here.

Lead Forensics is a revolutionary software that takes your lead gen process to the next level. It works by tracking your website and revealing previously anonymous website leads. The software alerts your team in real time, so marketers and salespeople can get in touch while leads are at their most engaged. For B2B organizations in particular, if a business is visiting your website, it is likely they are interested. This fuels your sales funnel with hot leads, and ensures your team is ready to strike while the iron is hot — whether it’s reaching out with a phone call, contacting them through social media or with relevant content via email. And, Lead Forensics can provide users with the contact details of key decision makers from the business in question, saving valuable time spent on research and data acquisition.

Lead nurturing

If you are planning to implement lead generation strategies to grow your business, then it is crucial to consider the importance of lead nurturing. Leads need to be identified, qualified, entered into the pipeline and then acted upon. Sometimes a marketing qualified lead and a sales qualified lead can look different — so developing a set of criteria can help. Align your sales and marketing teams so they are always working towards a common goal: the sale. Your marketers will create awareness so potential customers consider your brand. Once they are aware of you, they may want to find out more. This is where they’ll start undertaking some top-level research. So, ensure you rank high and appear exactly where they need you to be — at the top of Google!

Next, ensure your content is accessible, informative, and positions you as an expert in your field. The more clued up you appear as a business, the more reassured the prospect feels. When they reach out to you, your staff should go above and beyond to meet their needs. Whether it’s via webchat, over the phone, through a social media enquiry or an email conversation — every interaction counts! Your teams need to be encouraging the prospect to buy, without being pushy. And, once the sale has gone through, they need to continue to nurture the relationship. Existing customers are a powerful business tool — from word of mouth marketing and positive reviews, to the potential for upselling and cross-selling. Remember, there’s no better salesperson than your most loyal customer!

Lead Forensics can positively impact your lead nurture process. With access to contact details of key decision makers, you can qualify leads early on in the process. And, with visitor’s website journeys at your fingertips, you’ll be one step ahead of your prospects at all times. Present them with product recommendations based on the pages they have visited or send them content reflecting their business pain points. And, Lead Forensics integrates smoothly with your CRM so teams across the board can manage data, leads and customers effectively.

B2B telemarketing

The cold call is a tried and tested method for B2B sales. In some cases, it works — particularly if your prospects are boomers. And, in some cases it doesn’t — particularly if your prospects are millennials. You can read all about how cold calling fits into your strategy here. The biggest problem with telemarketing is that it is usually unsolicited. B2B buyers are busy, and often they want to make a purchase as quickly and easily as possible. The thought of a phone call catching them off guard and using up their valuable time can have the opposite than intended effect. Telemarketing should be considered as one of your B2B lead generation strategies, but not alone. It needs to be paired with effective, up-to-date strategies for success.

Rather than calling unsuspecting, cold leads, wait until they are further down the pipeline before putting them in front of a salesperson. Instead, nurture them with content, get to know their needs, gain as much information as you can, and then arrange a time that’s most convenient for them. A two-way dialogue is important, which is why a phone call is often the preferred selling method. But if the buyer is just not ready, then it could be a waste of your salesperson’s time.

Use Lead Forensics to help with your telemarketing strategy. Get notified in real time when an existing or lapsed customer visits your site — pick up the phone and be exactly where they need you to be. Look into the website journey of prospects in your existing pipeline and give them a call based on the new information you’ve acquired.

To take your lead generation strategy to the skies, maximize your website and accelerate your sales and marketing teams with Lead Forensics. Request your free demonstration today!


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