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        Lead Forensics named amongst the top 20 inspirational places to work in the UK!

        by Jennifer Hall,
        In this article:
        • CMI
        • Leadership
        • Culture

        Launching in the autumn edition of Professional Manager, the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) will unveil its latest report relating to the top 20 inspirational places to work in 2018. Based upon extensive research gathered from leading recruitment and company review website Glassdoor, the CMI reviewed over 700,000 UK based businesses, with global software company Lead Forensics named in the report as one of the most inspirational places to work in the UK! A huge accolade for the award-winning software business, which was founded in Portsmouth, UK.

        Lead Forensics has grown over recent years, with offices based in Portsmouth, Bristol, Bournemouth, Scottsdale and Atlanta, Lead Forensics employs over 500 personnel across a variety of business functions.

        The report gathered the scores and results from current and previous employees based upon their reviews of working at Lead Forensics, and considered factors such as inspirational leadership, culture and ‘recommend-a-friend’ ratings.

        Paul Thomas, Managing Director says “We are extremely proud to be named one of the top 20 inspirational places to work by the CMI and Glassdoor. Lead Forensics is a unique and exciting place to be. The culture is dynamic, fast paced and vibrant – perfect for those who really want to excel. It’s fantastic to see team members grow at Lead Forensics and rise within their careers – it’s the continual quest for excellence and growth by each and every team member that drives our business forward.”

        Lead Forensics has two internal mantras: ‘we win together’ and ‘think world class’. All levels of management at Lead Forensics are encouraged to be motivators, to reward for great performance and effort, and to become pro-actively involved in the career progression of their team members. “There are no ivory towers at Lead Forensics, the senior management team is accessible to all team members; they understand the complexities and nuances across the business and provide mentoring for team members who really want to progress forward within their careers.” Thomas continues “All team members are encouraged to become the very best version of themselves in the work place, and to always ask themselves ‘was that world class?’ – the ultimate aim is that with a continual focus on delivering a world class solution, in which ever department and at whatever level, the team will always be improving and will never stagnate, creating the very highest calibre team members, across all departments – the nurture of talent is something we are inherently passionate about.”

        Whilst Lead Forensics is naturally driven and committed to growth and performance, the organisation takes a people first approach, as outlined in the six Lead Forensics DNA which collectively forms a well-rounded holistic approach to workplace moral, and the ideal employee profile to be successful at Lead Forensics. The six core DNA that forms the basis of the people strategy at Lead Forensics are: 1) Grow. 2) Accountable. 3) True Grit. 4) Care. 5) Challenge. 6) One Team. When reflecting upon how the DNA principals help all team members Simon Chivers, Group Digital Marketing Manager commented “The DNA core values at Lead Forensics set a target for me to aim for in both my personal and professional life. It is a set of values to live your life by and ensures you are always pushing yourself forward.”

        Selina Harvey, Global Head of Recruitment adds “We are always seeking to expand our team, this accolade really is testament to the great environment at Lead Forensics. We hope to be an employer of choice for many, and really want to continue to offer significant employment opportunities in and around the cities where our offices are based. Anyone interested in joining Lead Forensics, shouldn’t hesitate in looking at our website for the latest career vacancies as we have new opportunities opening all the time.”

        More information about the CMI/Glassdoor report can be found by visiting: