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How to increase your conversions with a website IP tracker

Conversion rate optimization should be an integral part of your B2B marketing strategy if you are looking to grow your business and see great results. According to Econsultancy, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates — but, Marketing Sherpa found that 74% of conversion rate optimization programs increase sales. So, if you haven’t already got one in place, you could be missing out on great benefits to your business. When it comes to optimizing your website for conversions — what tactics and tools are available to help you? Let’s explore the world of SEO, CRO and introducing IP address tracking to support your wider strategy and supercharge your conversion rate.

SEO best practices

Optimizing your site so it appears at the top of search engines is an important practice to get right. If you want to get noticed, drive traffic and convert your customers, then it needs to be included in your strategy. Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, according to Search Engine Journal, making your way to the top has never been more important. HubSpot discovered that pages that rank first on Google have a 34.36% click-through rate. And, 57% of B2B marketers state that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing activity. This makes perfect sense — not only do websites that sit at the top of SERPs benefit from improved discoverability, but also from the Google stamp of approval, which shows potential visitors that your website is trusted and reliable.
To ensure your site sits proudly at the top of search engines there are a few things you need to do. First, you should implement a keyword strategy. Conduct research to discover what search terms your potential customers are using. Next, you’ll need to include them in your website copy and weave them seamlessly throughout your site. Upload high-quality, engaging content regularly — this proves that your site is up-to-date. Long-read content helps keep your visitors on your pages for longer, reducing your bounce rate and, in turn, your website ranking. Introduce a link building strategy, with an aim to get authoritative sites to link to your page. And, remember that SEO is evolving — with voice and visual search on the horizon, be prepared to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Conversion rate optimization best practices

With an effective SEO strategy positioning your site at the top of Google, your next mission is to drive traffic and capture leads. Optimizing your website with conversions in mind is a tried and tested strategy. The key to a successful CRO strategy is testing for success — in fact, using the correct targeting and testing methods can boost conversion rates by up to 300%, according to Marketing Experiments. From introducing multiple landing pages and personalizing your calls to action, to reducing the number of form-fill fields and enhancing your user journey, every seemingly small change you make can positively impact your conversion rate. Step into your customer’s shoes, prioritize their journey and experience, and make it easier than ever to convert.

Using IP address tracking software

Consider utilizing innovative technology to supercharge your website conversion rates. Every visitor that lands on your site has the potential to become a lead — and prioritizing conversions helps you capture more leads and make the most out of your website traffic. With an IP tracker in place, businesses can identify the IP address of the organization visiting their website. While some technology is reliant on businesses having an existing database to reveal the identify their visitors, and others require form-fills and data entry to get results, reverse IP tracking tools identify your specific website visitors even if they don’t make an inquiry.
Since business IP addresses are not considered personal information, the best IP tracker technology is able to provide IP address information to identify the exact organization visiting your website. It is then up to your organization to conduct a data-compliant follow-up — you should have a plan in place for this off the back of the GDPR enforcement. When you decide to embrace IP address tracker technology for your B2B website, be sure to choose a tool that prides itself on providing high-quality and data. At Lead Forensics, for example, our data goes through 3 rounds of verification and is cleansed annually to ensure it is accurate and reliable.
Lead Forensics is a leading website visitor IP address tracking tool that helps businesses capture leads directly through their B2B website. The software works by tracking your website and alerting you of visitors in real-time. Thanks to a global leading database of business IP addresses, Lead Forensics reveals the previously anonymous identities of your visitors as well as providing access to contact details of key decision-makers and detailed website visitor journeys. This way, marketers and sales teams are equipped with everything they need to reach the right person, from the right organization, at exactly the right time. Discover a bounty of leads directly through your B2B website and book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today.


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