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How IP address tracking software can revolutionize your B2B lead generation

Generating leads as a B2B marketer is no easy feat. With complicated buyer journeys, niche products and an increasing number of decision-makers, quick conversions are few and far between. It is our job to get the brand seen, drive engaged traffic to the site and do everything we can to get visitors to inquire. According to Marketo, 96% of your visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase — so, it isn’t always easy! An effective marketing strategy, helping to raise brand awareness and get you noticed, paired with an innovative lead capturing technology, can make the process a little smoother. It’s time to delve into the world of IP tracker software for your B2B website, and discover how technology can help you generate high-quality leads.
There are tons of website tracking tools available — but to track IP address exact location, your business will need to select a tool carefully. Lead Forensics, for example, is a real time IP tracker, so users are notified of specific visitors as they land on their site. Other website trackers may still rely on form fills or your own pre-existing database to provide visitor insight, so research is crucial. Remember, business IP addresses are not considered personal information — so organizations can track their B2B website visitors and reveal their identity all comfortably within GDPR. But, it is important to ensure your follow-up is data compliant.

Gathering data using IP address tracking software

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” — Carly Fiorina, businesswoman
Tracking software can open up your eyes to more data and information than ever before. It can provide you with insightful analytics to help take your business to the next level. Remember, every website visitor is a potential lead. And, the more targeted, engaged traffic you drive to your site, the more chance you have of converting visitors to customers. So, getting to know your visitors inside-out is crucial. The more data you can acquire about who is visiting your site — what industry they are from, what they are looking at, and the content they are engaging with — the better and more relevant experience you can create.

Driving traffic

Now you know who your audience is and who you are targeting, it is time to drive relevant and engaged traffic to your B2B website through your marketing materials, social media, digital advertising and more. Some of these channels will perform better than others, and with tracking tools in place, you’ll be able to identify your best referrer channels. Discover what is working, what isn’t, and tailor your communications for the ultimate results. When it comes to traffic, it is about quality over quantity, so if your visitors aren’t feasible customers, available data can help you make the necessary changes to your strategy to reach them.

Using your website data

Once relevant traffic is landing on your site through your marketing activity, it is time to maximize your site with insightful website data. Not only can IP tracking help you see your best referrer channels and notify you of you site visitors, but it can also help you optimize your website for the best results. Discover the pages that your visitors are exiting quickly, gain insight into their user journeys, and see which calls-to-actions are performing the best. This can help you create a seamless on-site experience, ensuring every visitor stays on your site long enough to gain the information needed to become an engaged lead.

Increasing your lead generation

Website IP tracker tools can provide a whole host of benefits — and these include enhancing your lead generation process. For a business to thrive and grow, it needs to generate high-quality leads. You may well have a strategy in place — but utilizing technology to help revolutionize your approach is key. Your website will be generating traffic through your demand generation efforts and, hopefully, high-ranking SEO — but what happens when your visitors land? If they don’t inquire, then they remain anonymous and you miss out on potential leads. An effective IP address tracker helps marketers identify their site visitors, creating new opportunities to reach out and generate website leads.
Lead Forensics is a leading IP address tracking tool that can supercharge the B2B lead generation process. The software works by tracking the visitors to your website in real-time and revealing their previously anonymous identities utilizing the global leading database of business IP addresses. This way, users know the exact organization exploring their site. Lead Forensics also provides access to key contact details for decision-makers from the organization, as well as detailed user journeys. This provides marketers and salespeople with everything they need to design the perfect pitch. Stay a step ahead of your competition, get the ultimate insight and capture leads directly through your B2B website. Book your free demonstration today!


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