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        Know your cold calling regulations

        by Mark Davis,
        In this article:
        • Cold Calling
        • Sales
        • B2B

        Cold calling remains a popular B2B sales technique, for the simple reason that it continues to deliver a result. However, it is still common for organizations to struggle in developing an effective cold calling strategy due to confusions surrounding the legality behind their actions.

        Every organization is different, and factors such as global location, data regulations and chosen processes can all affect the compliance of your cold calling approach. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking time to know the regulations affecting your cold calling strategy in intricate detail. There will be some processes you cannot undertake, but this does not prohibit you from delivering a highly efficient and lucrative cold calling approach.

        Before encouraging your team to just call a list of numbers, ask yourself: What actions are allowed and not allowed? How do the rights of an individual affect your actions? How can you ensure the data your team use is legally collected and processed?

        Once familiar with the regulations surrounding this outbound sales technique, you have the power to master the art of cold calling. Clarity surrounding cold calling legalities helps you take a direct and fresh approach to sales outreach without the confusion. Having confidence in your strategy ensures your team delivers cold calling with conviction and charisma, driving the ultimate sales results. Don’t settle for cold calling confusion. Take control, learn where you stand, and maximize the opportunities available to your business.

        To give your cold calling the ultimate boost, start warm calling. Use Lead Forensics to identify the businesses visiting your website, displaying an interest in your brand and what you offer. Lead Forensics provides a detailed profile for each business visitor, displaying contact information for key decision makers including phone numbers and email addresses. Make instant, impactful communication with already warm leads, taking conversion control for the ultimate sales success. Find out more- book your free demo today.