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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
      Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

        Latest content alert: the demand generation takeover

        The Lead Forensics: Latest content alert is a series of articles that highlights the subjects we’ll be exploring on our business blog, throughout our eBooks, and in our video marketing material. Discover handy infographics, top tips, and checklists, too. Watch this space to find out what to expect, and how to find the content to fuel your marketing and sales.
        At Lead Forensics, we are dedicated to helping organizations supercharge their lead generation process. From adopting the best in marketing automation software and streamlining your teams to executing the ultimate marketing strategy and maximizing ROI — we want to be at the forefront of sales, marketing and lead generation insight. We know that when it comes to meeting business goals, there is so much to consider. For marketers, it can sometimes feel like you need to be an expert in everything. While that isn’t the case, more often than not, marketers are expected to have a sound understanding of tons of different marketing elements. That’s why we are excited to announce that October will see a Demand Generation Takeover. We will be providing you with everything you need to know about the effective strategy — from definitions and differences to methods and tactics. Fuel your teams with the content they need to execute the ultimate demand generation.
        Georgina Quinn, Senior Brand and Influence Marketing Manager at Lead Forensics, said: “Creating high-quality content for fellow marketers is important to us. The lead generation process can be complex and is often part of a wider strategy, spanning multiple teams and timelines. We want to offer as much insight as we can.”
        She added: “Our dedication to ensuring the best outcomes extends beyond our software and helpful Customer Success team. We also want to ensure that we offer hordes of resources and insight to make your lead generation journey as smooth as possible.”
        Whether you are a Lead Forensics customer, a B2B marketer or a sales representative, there is always something to learn to help turbocharge your business. Our leading marketing software can supercharge your lead generation approach, but it should be included as part of a wider strategy for the ultimate success. Demand Generation is an often overlooked but entirely crucial part of the process. And, we’ve learned tons about it that we want to share with you. For example, according to Strategic, more than 80% of consumers view up to 5 pieces of content before making a purchase. And, according to Demand Gen Report, 70% of marketers are planning to increase their demand generation budgets. So, if you don’t already have a robust strategy in place, now is the perfect time to implement one.
        Gain insight from the Lead Forensics blog where we’ll be exploring all things demand generation:
        ● Do you know the difference between demand generation and lead generation?
        ● Are you in-the-know about the best practices for generating demand?
        ● How do you turn demand into high-quality leads?
        ● What are the benefits of using demand generation and lead generation together?
        Be sure to keep your eyes peeled! There’s more to come…
        ● Find out how to execute demand generation campaigns that boost your business
        ● Discover why demand generation should be part of your marketing strategy
        ● Learn from the businesses that are doing demand generation right
        ● Explore the different demand generation models for B2Bs
        And, look out for our upcoming content releases to give your team all the resources they need to implement the best strategy:
        ● Download the ultimate guide to demand generation for B2Bs
        ● Infographic: the demand generation process
        ● Top tips for successful demand generation
        ● Checklist: Building a killer demand generation engine
        Georgina said: “Demand generation is a key step in the lead generation process. Marketers need to ensure their reputation, brand awareness and online presence is robust before they can start converting leads. If nobody knows who you are, then there is no demand for your product and, in turn, no leads.”
        She added: “So much time, money and effort are often put into lead generation and wider marketing strategies — but demand generation is the missing piece of the puzzle. It helps ensure your website visitors know enough about you to make a conversion. We hope our resources provide you with everything you need to execute the perfect demand strategy for your organization.”
        Lead Forensics helps B2B organizations turbocharge their lead generation process. Our best-in-class lead generation software works by tracking your website and revealing previously anonymous website traffic. Users will be notified of leads in real-time so that sales and marketing teams can strike while the iron is hot. See your visitor’s website journey and tailor your communications to meet their needs. Take your lead gen process to the next level and generate high-quality qualified leads. If you want to learn more about how you can skyrocket your B2B lead generation process, request a Lead Forensics demonstration today.