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      Let’s get you started

      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
      Simple set-up. No commitments. Get started today.

        Why Lead Forensics?

        As the market leader in our industry Lead Forensics has the largest IP database, and invests millions of £’s into our data to ensure it is the most accurate. We have 1000’s of happy customers who receive huge ROI’s with Lead Forensics.

        Key Stats About Lead Forensics

        • We track over 12 Billion hits on a yearly basis
        • We have a global tracking network with over 32 endpoints to ensure 100% availability
        • All tracking endpoints respond in under 10 milliseconds to ensure minimal latency
        • Our database has over 1.3 Billion unique IP addresses
        • We are adding over 1 million IP addresses to our database each day

        How Can Lead Forensics Help You?

        We can make your website work harder for your company. By using our software you can see the 98% of website traffic that does not enquire, with this data you can see who is viewing the content on your pages and whether potential clients are visiting.

        • See the data for potential new prospects and how they interact with your site
        • Discover whether potential prospects already in your sales pipeline are returning to your site to do further research
        • How do your existing customers interact with your current website? Are there potential up-sell opportunities for your business.
        • Only Lead Forensics will provide 100% accurate data – we own the largest database globally of fixed IP addresses, we have over 100 manual verifiers who consistently verify the data and ensure its accuracy
        • With our platform, we will strip out all ISP’s and visits outside of a work premise, leaving purely corporate leads. However, another solution doesn’t and will also include visits from individuals incorrectly as business names so this will be near impossible to filter out!
        • Around 50-60% of any competitor data is inaccurate based on comparisons we consistently run, meaning you will have to second guess the information they provide, which will take up valuable time and resource
        • Check out this recent blog where the accuracy of our data was measured against some of our competitors. Read More
        • Other solutions have no automation in their lead distribution, meaning you cannot set up automated reports like the ones we discussed to highlight new leads and client visits, with the volume of traffic you are seeing, it means that you will have to take a lot of time to pick and choose which leads to call (referring to the second concern, they also will not be able to tell which is an actual business visit and which is incorrect)

        Reviews of Lead Forensics

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        What can Lead Forensics do for your business?

        Imagine if you could take control of your lead generation activity and convert sales-ready prospects, before your competitors even get close? Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website visitors, and turns them into actionable sales-ready leads. In real-time.

        Lead Forensics can:

        • Tell you who is visiting your website
        • Provide highly valuable contact information including telephone numbers and email addresses
        • Give insight into what each visitor has looked at, as well as where they came from.

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