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        The Lead Forensics Lowdown: Charlotte takes on new role

        The Lead Forensics Lowdown is a series of articles that takes a look at the faces behind the Lead Forensics brand. We introduce you to the lead generation software professionals making themselves known in the industry. Here is where you’ll find the latest information and updates!
        As we fast approach the latter end of 2019, we can’t quite believe all that has taken place so far this year. Lead Forensics is a fast-paced, ever-growing organization, which means we rarely get a chance to stop and reflect on the past 12 months. We’re big believers in helping our world-class team achieve their professional goals, and love to nurture talented team members so they can flourish in their career. And so, we’re over the moon to announce the promotion of Charlotte Everson to Group Social Influence and Rich Media Marketing Manager! She joined the team back in 2016 and has been an asset from the outset. Let’s learn a little more about Charlotte.
        When Charlotte started, she worked as UK Lead Generation Team Leader, and was later promoted to Lead Generation Channel Manager EMEA back in January 2018. After just over a year managing a large LinkedIn team, Charlotte’s found herself taking on the role of Group Social Media Specialist, before receiving her promotion to Manager in October 2019.
        She said: “I’ve worked at Lead Forensics for more than 3 years, and have continuously been able to grow year on year. I came to Lead Forensics with no marketing experience, having previously worked in retail management. Now, I can honestly say I’ve been able to do a little bit of everything. Not many businesses provide staff with that opportunity. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people and learned a lot along the way!”
        Having grown up during the social media revolution and boasting a creative side, a role in social media seemed like a natural step for Charlotte.
        Speaking of her keen interest in visual communication, she said: “I’ve always wanted to be a photographer and I started to move in that direction when I finished school. I love the idea of capturing a moment in time forever and I’ve always been visually creative. That’s what social media is about after all — creatively engaging your target audience. I also loved editing videos and creating content that would make people happy. I even spent some time vlogging!”
        Video marketing is currently at its most popular, and seems to be growing every day. But what was it that drew Charlotte into the importance of the video evolution for social media?
        She said: “Video can connect people in ways imagery can’t. Plus, I am at an age where I have been able to watch social media grow up and become what it is today. Can you believe I joined Facebook 12 years ago? I’ve got to see platforms succeed, and watch some sadly fail. Sorry, Myspace!”
        It’s great to have someone so obviously passionate about all things social media heading up the role. But, what does her job involve day-to-day?
        Charlotte said: “I’m in charge of ensuring all posts have been created and scheduled across our social media channels. I spend time engaging with our audience, commenting and liking their posts, and generally being social on social! A lot of businesses miss out when it comes to two way communication.”
        “I also create social media graphics, as well as videos and photography. It’s up to me to create a buzz around the Lead Forensics brand, increase our reach, audience, mentions, impressions, and generate inquiries.”

        It’s clear that Charlotte truly embodies the can-do attitude held by the Lead Forensics team. But what is it that excites her about the brand?
        She said: “Lead Forensics is fast-paced and rewards those who are committed. Hard work is always acknowledged, and I’ve been given great opportunities throughout my time here so far.”
        We are thrilled to have Charlotte as a significant member of the Lead Forensics marketing team, and we predict big things for the team as a whole. Read about the latest developments and insights into the world of B2B sales, marketing and lead generation on the Lead Forensics blog. Keep up with the latest here.
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