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Lead Forensics named in the Top 50 Great Places to Work UK

At Lead Forensics, we have an immense amount of pride in creating a strong company culture. We firmly believe we have created a work environment to encourage individuals to inspire one another, to develop their skills, and to truly shine. A business is made great by those that are part of it, and Lead Forensics is no exception.

Releasing the annual edition of the Best Workplaces report on April 28, 2021, Great Places to Work has named the top 50 small, medium, large, and super-large UK companies to work for. Utilizing data on company practices, company culture, and employee satisfaction, Great Place to Work assess and ranks companies on an international scale, awarding certification to the companies that meet their benchmark of greatness.

Lead Forensics is delighted to have ranked in the top 50 UK workplaces of the 2021 report! A testament to the people that make our organization what it is, this is a huge accomplishment for our multi-award-winning B2B software company, we’re thrilled to be amongst so many incredible organizations included on the list.

Employing over 500 individuals across offices in Portsmouth, Bournemouth, Bristol, UK, and both Scottsdale and Atlanta, USA, Lead Forensics has seen impressive growth throughout the past decade. Having received a Best Workplaces award back in 2015 in the medium-sized business category, Lead Forensics is incredibly proud to have retained our culture of employee satisfaction while bolstering the workforce and moving to the large-sized category this year.

Kim Brosnan, CPO at Lead Forensics, said: We’re absolutely thrilled to have been named as a Great Place to Work in the Large Business category. Our people fuel our success and growth and are truly passionate about the work that they do. The award is extra-special as it recognizes that our people enjoy their roles and are proud to work here. The world of work is changing, so it’s critical that we continue to support our people with a positive culture where they can be rewarded for their efforts, be themselves, learn, make friends, and have fun.’

While Lead Forensics is driven by growth and performance, the company takes a people-first approach; employee satisfaction and wellbeing make for a team even more dedicated to delivering results.

With team spirit being a defining factor of the company identity, Lead Forensics views this award as a reflection, extension, and testament to the six DNA pillars that form our internal strategy:

      Grow – Pushing and supporting one another to help our customers succeed.
      Accountable – Taking responsibility for our performance, and acting with integrity.
      True Grit – Never letting ourselves take the easy option, and never letting up.
      Care – Treating one another as equals, helping each other, and giving back.
      Challenge – Never settling for the status quo.
      One Team – We win together, and only together.

The team at Lead Forensics takes pride in inspiring one another to be the best we can be, keenly facilitating and fostering a thriving work environment for employees to be part of.

Are you looking to be part of one of the top 50 best companies to work for in the UK? Take a look at the latest vacancies on our careers page today to take the next step in supercharging your career!

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