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      Experience turbo-charged lead generation with a free trial.
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        Lead Forensics: product update — introducing Lead Reveal

        Lead Forensics: product update is a feature that explores the latest innovations and enhancements to the Lead Forensics software. We are always looking to supercharge our products with updates and new features, so keep your eyes peeled!
        Our leading software is designed with B2B marketing professionals and sales representatives in mind. And, we understand that to be the best in the game, you have to stay ahead! That is why we are always looking to innovate, enhance and develop when it comes to our lead generation software. At Lead Forensics, we have been transforming sales pipelines, helping businesses gain new customers and streamlining teams for more than a decade. But, we are always striving to create better experiences based on the customer feedback we receive and the constant evolution of the marketing technology world. So, it brings us great joy to announce the forthcoming launch of the newest Lead Forensics feature: Lead Reveal.
        The newest feature brings with it 3 key benefits:
        No portal loginfree up time from your busy schedule
        No searching for the next leadfocusing on leads is more manageable than ever
        Multiple use casesget the insight you need, no matter what industry or goal
        Lead Reveal is our latest innovation. It works by sending your website visitor alerts directly to your desktop, eliminating the need to login every time or trawl through an overloaded mailbox. Instead, valuable visits are displayed in front of your eyes — speeding up the already hyperfast visit to action time that Lead Forensics provides. With Lead Reveal, users can login once, and straight away get alerted of the latest visits whenever their desktop is open. It also provides users with actionable notifications, ensuring each individual visitor is effectively dealt with before moving onto the next notification. This way, there is no more losing track of leads and not knowing whether or not actions have been completed. With the addition of Lead Reveal, Lead Forensics will continue to work seamlessly in the background. Businesses will be able to combine statuses and trigger reports to ensure they are being notified of the most relevant visits and prioritizing the hottest leads.
        Daniel Hooper, Product Manager at Lead Forensics, said: “In most organizations, things can get pretty busy. And when this happens, certain teams or activities can take a hit. Based on client feedback, we found that when it starts to get busy for our customers, new business development and lead generation takes a back seat.”
        He added: “Having to login to a system multiple times to access data can be a real hinderance, especially if you have to stop what you are already doing. Essentially, that is how Lead Reveal was born. We wanted to bring the leads directly to our customers, rather than make them search through busy mailboxes and tons of notifications when they already have a list of a million things to do.”
        Due for release in October, this feature will be available for download in The Portal. As with all Lead Forensics products, it is crucial to us that users meet their own specific lead generation goals. Clients should get in touch with their Customer Success Manager for more information about Lead Reveal. Together, clients and their dedicated CSM can design a strategy for success and discover how best to utilize our newest feature for the ultimate lead generation.
        Daniel said: “One of the key benefits of Lead Forensics is the value of perfect timing. We want our clients to be able to reach out at just the right moment, and not get bogged down or lose track of a potential customer because they simply don’t have time. We truly believe that Lead Reveal will take the lead generation process up a level, and really give sales and marketing teams a chance to show what they are capable of with the right tools and data in place.”
        We are excited about the launch of Lead Reveal and hope to see it supercharge your teams! Stay in the loop with regular updates from Lead Forensics — discover our product evolutions, client success stories, team promotions and more. Keep up with the latest in marketing, technology and strategy on our blog.
        Lead Forensics takes the B2B organization lead generation process to the next level. Our lead generation software tracks your website and reveals previously anonymous website traffic, turbocharging your website leads. Users are notified of leads in real time ⁠— that way, sales and marketing teams can reach out while prospects are most engaged. Gain insight into your visitor’s website journey and tailor your communications to meet their needs. Skyrocket your lead gen process and generate high-quality qualified leads. If you want to learn more about how you can take your B2B lead generation process to the next level, request a Lead Forensics demonstration today.