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Lead Forensics Review – Really B2B

Considering that 67% of B2B organisations say they don’t have a formal sales funnel, it’s easy to see why 78% of B2B organisations state generating high-quality leads is a challenge.

But thankfully, there’s a solution. Lead Forensics’ recommended marketing partner, Really B2B, are a results-driven team who specialise in B2B marketing and lead generation.
Their objective is to help businesses grow by planning, creating and implementing accountable B2B marketing strategies.
Whether a business is looking for enquiries, leads or appointments, Really B2B can help them meet their targets by using the most effective marketing channels, which they know from their first-hand experience provide the best ROI.
But here’s the important bit… Really B2B’s focus is on increasing your revenue and profit. They don’t consider a campaign to be a success until they’ve delivered the ROI their client needs.
“The team at Really B2B are a true extension of our business and are highly focused on ROI” – Sonia Hunt, Business Development Manager, BBC Studios & Post Production
An initial meeting allows Really B2B to develop a clear understanding of the businesses plans, objectives and lead generation issues. The meeting will be used to fully get to grips with every aspect of the business including the offering, processes, target markets and KPIs. This means Really B2B can build a highly accurate picture of the company and their objectives.
After the initial meeting, they’ll return to Really B2B HQ and bring together their in-house experts from fields such as data, content, digital and creative. They’ll analyse all of the information from the meeting and begin to discuss and assess possible approaches and solutions.
This stage is where Really B2B go to town. All of their experts will work together to create a detailed plan which delivers your company’s desired results. The plan will include everything from research and focus groups, approach, messaging and recommended channels, to projected rates of response, conversion and sales. And, because they’re not tied to any element of the marketing mix, they’ll only recommend what they know will work best for you.
“Really B2B have set the pathway of further development and business growth for ADEY. The industrial campaign and the social channels have been a particular success and we look forward to building upon this” – Miriam Luff, Marketing Manager, ADEY Professional Heating Solutions
A full proposal will be presented to the company which outlines Really B2B’s plan in detail. It’ll not only tell the business which areas of activity they should utilise, but also why. And because Really B2B are so laser-focused on return on investment, they’ll also provide detailed revenue and results projections.
Upon agreement of the plan, Really B2B take full responsibility for delivering the targets agreed. Every process including data sourcing, project management, creative, copywriting and execution will be handled in-house. The plan will remain fluid so that they can, if needed, make amendments to take full advantage of performance in key areas, while remaining in budget. But they’ll always have their eyes on the prize – meeting agreed targets.
All elements of the plan will be carefully analysed from day one. Really B2B provide full analysis and reports on every aspect including cost per lead/response, cost per appointment, conversion from appointment to sale and the sales to marketing ratio. This level of detail provides effective benchmarking for future campaigns and enables even more effective future growth planning.
“The highly experienced team at Really B2B have exceeded our expectations” – Neil Overton, Commercial Director, Yorkshire Copper Tube

The Closed Loop
Really B2B are highly experienced marketing professionals, and the team assigned to each company’s campaign will have the knowledge and commercial awareness to deliver the desired results.

Over the years, they have learned what strategies work best in each market and sector. Not only do they know who is best to target within a particular business, but also how to approach them in order to get the best result.
From the very beginning of a campaign, Really B2B provide full closed loop analysis on every opportunity generated, and where possible, they’ll continue to work with those leads until the sale is made.
Once Really B2B’s clients see the revenues generated from their investment, many of them choose to extend their activity – in fact, the current client retention rate is over 84%.
This is due in no small part to the fact that they provide full transparency on the success of their campaigns.
While the focus may be on leads and sales… the ultimate goal is always measurable business growth for your company – Really B2B
Clients & Results
Having worked with BBC Studios and Post Production for over a year, Really B2B managed to achieve 230% of the client’s original target within one month.
While working with Geaves Surface Solutions, Really B2B managed to create a pipeline from leads that will deliver in excess of 10% growth for the Geaves business in year 1.
Read more B2B case studies on the Really B2B website.
To find out more about Really B2B and how they can help generate high-quality leads simply visit ReallyB2B.com or call 0845 519 8517.


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