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        Lead Forensics: success stories ⁠— stamp of approval from bakergoodchild

        stamp showing bakergoodchild's approval of lead forensics

        Lead Forensics: success stories is a series of news articles where we explore and showcase a number of uses, client wins and case studies from our leading B2B software solution. Keep up to date with how industry leaders are utilizing the technology to achieve the most.

        At Lead Forensics, we care about our customers achieving the most. It is our mission to ensure that our leading software helps you go above and beyond your business and marketing goals, as well as fitting seamlessly into your strategy and proving a return on investment fast. We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, all of which use our software to support various objectives. Every one of our clients is allocated their very own Customer Success Manager, who is committed to helping you get the best results with Lead Forensics. We love to hear back from our happy customers, so we are pleased to share some fantastic feedback from our client bakergoodchild.

        bakergoodchild provides businesses across the UK with print, mail fulfilment and postage services. The organization delivers cost-effective, reliable mail management and has developed key carrier relationships across the world. Their in-house experts ensure design is effective and data is clean to deliver the optimum return on investment. They wanted to stay on top of new business opportunities, as well as existing and lapsed customers. They needed a solution that gave them insight into who was landing on their website from their marketing campaigns. This way, the organization’s team could focus on warm leads and stronger opportunities, rather than cold calling. Our intuitive software was exactly what bakergoodchild needed to help them with their business development, in both the short and long term.

        Gundiver Bhogal, Head of Marketing at bakergoodchild, said: “I have spoken to many connections that have used the platform successfully and this gave me the extra confidence to press ahead with the investment. I love the ability to drive down in detail, track how businesses reach your website and see what they have been looking at.

        He added: “Our Customer Success Manager was knowledgeable and constructive, ensuring we got it right and helping make it work for us. It is so refreshing to work with a service provider that understands and is proactive in making sure we are getting the best out of the investment.”

        bakergoodchild uses Lead Forensics to see which of their campaigns is attracting traffic to their website, and to ensure leads are allocated to the right account or team. Teams are also able to intelligently make use of the software to establish new businesses visiting their website, and then send them an induction pack. This way, they can warm up leads ahead of follow-up calls, and sales can go on to target leads proactively. Using Data Manager, the organization set up alerts for when a lapsed customer lands on the site. This helps ensure teams are on top of account management and business development across the board.

        Speaking of the value Lead Forensics has added at bakergoodchild, Gunvinder said: “The platform is easy to use, and provided the integration required without causing any disruption to our sales and marketing process. Automated lead allocation has saved us time — and seeing a breakdown of businesses has helped us identify where our leads are coming from. This reinforces the investments made from marketing campaigns, helping to prove ROI and drive the right audience.”

        He added: “Lead Forensics has definitely increased our pipeline. And, within 3-4 months of using the software, we have more than paid for the platform for the next 2-3 years.

        What a fantastic result in just a short time! We’re thrilled that the team at bakergoodchild has had a great experience with Lead Forensics so far. And, we love to hear the different ways each industry we work with uses our software to get the ultimate results. Keep us with the latest Lead Forensics: success stories and you can read more from our #HappyCustomers here. If you want to learn more about how Lead Forensics can support different stages of your pipeline, take a look at our blog ⁠— discover how to get the most from your demand generation, future proof your business and maximize your content marketing strategy.

        Lead Forensics supercharges the lead generation process for B2B organizations. Our world-class lead generation software tracks your website and reveals previously anonymous website traffic, so your sales and marketing teams can reach out at just the right time. Open up a world of engaged website leads and stay one step ahead of your clients, prospects and competitors. Gain access to detailed website user journeys and personalize marketing efforts to meet their needs. Generate high-quality leads with turbocharged lead generation thanks to Lead Forensics. If you want to learn more about how you can skyrocket your B2B lead generation process, request a Lead Forensics demonstration today.