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Lead Forensics vs Google Analytics: What can each tool offer my business?

The world of Martech is constantly evolving. So many tools offer B2B marketing departments exciting opportunities to evolve their strategies and increase their end results. But knowing how each tool differs and which of their unique features would be beneficial to your business can be daunting. How do you know which tools are best for your business? For web analytics, this is a prominent problem, for example many businesses have been confused about Lead Forensics and Google Analytics, how they differ and what they can each do. So, let’s set the record straight, delve deep into these two powerful tools and understand the benefits they both offer businesses.

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Google Analytics

What is it?

This is currently the most popular web analytics tool, due to the price (it’s free!) and its ability to provide the essential web metrics needed for basic but insightful analysis. It’s predicted around 60% of the top 100,000 websites use Google Analytics for analysis, gaining their traffic numbers, most popular web pages and more.

How does it work?

Like many web analytics tools, Google Analytics is fuelled by a piece of JavaScript code. Get a full breakdown of how JavaScript driven web analytics work here, but for a quick rundown, the code allows an HTML to carry specific information pertaining to a website visit (pages access, browser used etc.). This HTML can then be sent to the tool and broken into a spreadsheet decoding the data and presenting it to the user. This is a simple and reliable method for gathering website metrics for analysis, but the Google Analytics code needs to be placed on every individual webpage to track a website in full, making it easy for businesses to miss vital data.

Key benefits: Whilst Google Analytics offers businesses many useful metrics and features, these are the top five:

  • Get the essential figures: Not all web analytics tools offer the numbers we deem paramount. Google Analytics offers both new starters and well-seasoned marketers the data they need to get a thorough overview of their website performance, understanding the metrics feeding their digital success.
  • Make well informed changes for improvement: Website development can get expensive, especially if you call on external help so if you’re going to make any changes to your website, you want to be 100% sure they’ll yield a result. Google Analytics offers businesses the insightful data needed to draw realistic conclusions around factors effecting results, allowing well informed and fully realized changes for improvements.
  • Understand audience pain-points and interests: Google Analytics provides metrics surrounding most popular webpages, and for businesses continually releasing content this is very telling. Knowing what content pages gain increased and prolonged engagement tells businesses what their audience want to read, and offers insight into their current needs- what topics are they interested in or struggling with? This not only increases audience understanding, it also helps your team create more relevant, successful content.
  • Understand SEO/keyword success: Not only does Google Analytics link with Google AdWords for cross analysis (very useful!), the information gained about referrals gives businesses some serious understanding of how people discover your brand. Google Analytics users can understand how their keyword optimization effects their results, and what channels best attract website traffic.
  • Analyze and help conversion: This tool allows businesses to understand their conversion rate and how many website visitors they successfully intrigue enough to act. Understanding conversion rate offers great insight into online ROI and overall website success, helping businesses know when changes have a truly positive effect. Why spend all this time measuring your website without measuring and monitoring your final goal?

And that’s Google Analytics in a nutshell! It’s easy to see why this tool remains a popular choice for businesses everywhere, but is it the best tool for your business website? Could it do more?

Lead Forensics 

What is it?

Lead Forensics is a multi-talented software solution offering advanced website analytics and website visitor identification. With 50,000 global users the software offers both detailed website metrics, including the essential figures surrounding traffic numbers and page engagement, and information for visiting businesses including name, location and contact details for key decision makers.

How does it work?

Also fueled by a JavaScript code, getting visitor information into HTML format for tool decoding, Lead Forensics runs every visitor IP through its privately-owned database of business contacts. This is the largest of its kind in the world and provides the tool’s user with thorough details about the business and how to contact their decision makers, all topped off with information about the time they spent on your website. It is this database that allows Lead Forensics to stand out as a truly unique tool.

Key benefits: As the market-leading tool for website visitor identification, Lead Forensics can revolutionize business marketing approaches with these five key benefits:

  • Customizable web analytics dashboard: Gather essential website metrics in easy to read graphs, reports and tables with the customizable dashboard. Don’t get bogged down in numbers, just grab the figures you want. Each user can organize a different dashboard layout to meet their needs, to fully understand website performance and success.
  • Real time visitor information: Use the visitor list to see the real time businesses visiting your website. Each visit information tab provides the visitor’s business name and location, contact details for key decision makers and offers a full breakdown of the time that business has spent on your website. This gives you full understanding of your online audience and improves your…
  • Conversion success: With the visitor information mentioned above, you can take full control of your website visitor conversion, following visits up with an impactful approach tailored to the pages they accessed on their visit. Lead Forensics clients have seen cold-calling success increase from 2% to 40% thanks to this control over website conversion.
  • Quality control: Whilst other tools tell you how many visitors you get and how many convert, the real question is how many of these leads become clients? Are your website visitors high quality, with a genuine need and/or focus on your product? With Lead Forensics, you can understand your most visiting industries and most engaged audiences, so you can ensure marketing efforts drive the right sort of traffic to your site.
  • Free demo and trial: With Lead Forensics you can be 100% sure our tool works for your business with our free demo and seven-day trial. You’ll soon see your website in a totally new light thanks to the incredible results revealed and the new business opportunities unearthed for your team to maximize. Book your free demo today!

How do these tools differ? 

The key difference between these tools is in the level of website detail and data they offer the user. Whilst Google Analytics offers vitally important data, Lead Forensics offers a more holistic picture of website audience behaviour and conversion with its additional ability to identify website traffic. Whilst Google Analytics helps businesses understand their website metrics and overall performance, Lead Forensics does this whilst offering new business lead generation, fuelling sales pipelines with high-quality leads.

In many ways, these tools are so different in their business offering you could easily find value by using both! Gaining website analytics from multiple tools is a common and beneficial strategy, as you can be sure unexpected results aren’t anomalies and that patterns and trends fluctuate consistently across both readings. And with the additional bonus of fresh leads with Lead Forensics, you’ll not only master your web analytics, but see fantastic return on your website investment too. Find out more- book your free Lead Forensics demo today! 

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