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How to work with lead generation companies to improve pipeline results

Nobody knows your business like you do. The passion you have for your brand message and product will always be best shared by your team. But that doesn’t mean working with a lead generation company to outsource leads has no place in your business pipeline; these companies can bring your results a much needed boost or help your team through a slump.  Let’s discover why you might choose to work with a lead generation company, and how you can ensure the best lead results for pipeline success.

Why use a lead generation company? 

If you’re a small business, just starting up or still getting to grips with the best marketing and sales strategies, working with a lead generation company can ensure you still gain sales opportunities. This buys your team time to get organizedand plan a longer term lead generation strategy without compromising on revenue results. You may choose to stick with outsourcing for now, but look to recruit a wider team for future lead generation success.

For larger, more established businesses, outsourcing leads through lead generation companies can be an excellent solution if you’re keen to shake up your current strategy, reach a wider, more international audience or find a short term fix to continued results when facing a slump. With team members on leave, trialing and testing new software additions or introducing a new CRM, there are many reasons your business could face a dip in results for a prolonged period of time.

Lead generation companies continue to offer many businesses fresh leads, helping expand their client base and bring business success. However, when working with a lead generation company, you’ll want to take an active approach in ensuring the right message is communicated, and the best leads gained. To do that, you need to ask the right questions, gaining all the information needed to secure the optimum lead generation outsource solution. Before agreeing to work with a lead generation company, discuss these key topics to curate the ideal service.

Outline your lead qualification

There’s no point working with a company who will only produce leads that don’t match your product! You want every lead gained to offer your team a genuine new business opportunity, so ensure you’re all on the same page when it comes to lead qualification criteria. If you specifically need B2B leads, from the logistics industry with a team of 50 or more, then specify these needs from the start. The more lead criteria you can provide, the better, as you’ll gain high-quality leads more likely to bring desired revenue and provide ROI.

Be sure to also specify what brand interest or engagement you count as a “lead”. If you’re asking for people to book a consultation, outline what responses you will accept; will you only accept a firm “yes”, or will you be happy to accept leads asking for further details about pricing, product or terms and conditions? Be clear with your lead generation company, ensuring they understand precisely what opportunities you want them to provide.

Ask about reputation

Each lead generation company will use slightly different methods to generate leads for your business, be it through telemarketing campaigns, email marketing or content sharing. We would recommend ensuring the company you choose to work with doesn’t have a negative reputation with your ideal audience. If a company is notorious for spamming people with calls or emails, they’re not the right choice for your lead generation outsourcing strategy.

Take time to read online reviews about the lead generation company, seeing how  other clients have rated their service, and how those receiving calls or emails feel about their approach. You could also consult your client or partnership base, and ask if they’ve heard of the company; as they’re part of your target audience, they’ll offer great insight into how this lead generation company is perceived in their field.

Discuss data details

Data drives business success; without accurate and thorough data records for each lead, your sales team will struggle to properly convert them into clients. Know what data you need to successfully move the opportunities gained through your sales pipeline and ensure you’ll be supplied this necessary information with each lead.

Many lead generation companies prospect from databases they own, enabling them to clearly outline the data they can offer, and provide details surrounding data accuracy and age. There’s no use paying for lead data that’s no longer valid or incomplete; as over 70% of marketers struggle with incomplete data sets, ensure you’re gaining the highest quality data.

Look also to how this data will be communicated to your team; will it be in real time or in bulk? Will it be in a spreadsheet format, or online network? Can this data be easily uploaded to your CRM without manual processing? Any data gained must be treated with compliant measures, and easily managed by your usual data processes so you team can quickly assess lead data and start the sales journey.

Check the price

This may seem obvious- you’ll need to know the price of a lead generation company before singing up to use their services! However, you also need to understand your likely return. Most companies will charge per-lead, but instead of focusing on this acquisition cost, ask about their typical conversion rate, and how many of the leads they provide usually sell. What success have other businesses like yours seen from this lead generation company? 

If for example, their clients usually sell to one in five leads gained, and they charge $50 per lead, then you’ll want to ensure each client acquired will bring your business more than $250. Whilst you may make more sales than this predicted figure, working with this logic ensures you’re gaining leads for the right price, and have a positive chance of expanding your client base using this lead generation solution.Why not start by running a trial– gaining leads from a company for a few months, and measuring their success within your sales pipeline. This helps your team ensure the right solution, whilst putting the company under a bit of pressure, ensuring they are keen to deliver this result and remain mindful of what these leads provide your business. 

Arrange a guarantee 

When choosing a lead generation company, it’s important to remember that your lead targets won’t be lowered if they’re unable to deliver- your business is still relying on acquiring a set amount of new business opportunities. Communicate this to your lead generation company, and ask them to guarantee a number of leads by a specific date. If you need 20 leads per month, then ask for 25! As the month unfolds, if they’ve only delivered 12 by week three, you’re able to ask for additional activity to bring those guaranteed leads in. Gaining a lead guarantee helps ensure you meet the lead numbers you need, whilst getting your money’s worth. No company will want to under-deliver and miss out on revenue, so use a guarantee to take back control of your lead generation, even when it’s happening outside of your office. 

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