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Maximize your content marketing lead generation strategies with these 3 tips

Lead generation through content marketing is more popular than ever. According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content per month. If you haven’t already got a content marketing strategy in place, then you risk falling further behind your competitors. CMI found content marketing is used by 93% of B2B marketers. And, it is effective, too — 72% of marketers say it has increased their number of leads. According to Demand Metric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and can generate three times as many leads. When it comes to selecting lead generation strategies for your business, including content marketing could significantly benefit your organization.
For B2B organizations, the buyer journey has changed. In turn, so has the lead generation process. According to Weidert, 45% of B2B buyers state they are spending longer researching purchases; 76% of buyers want content that speaks directly to their organization, and in some cases, there are up to 6 people involved in the buyer process. This longer, more research-focused process massively impacts B2B lead generation, creating a clear need for large quantities of high-quality content for lead nurturing at every stage of the buyer journey. From initial website visitors all the way through to existing customers, there are so many uses for informative, educational content to reinforce the need for your product or service.

Driving traffic

All of the content you produce should either live on your website, or drive traffic to it. Your website should be the online hub of your business, so ensure it is full of quality, informative content for your visitors to explore. According to HubSpot, businesses publishing more than 16 posts per month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than business publishing fewer than four articles. So, it is time for you to get creative! InstaPage found that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI. But, it is important to remember that content marketing should not stop at blogging. Wyzowl found that 87% of marketers found webinars effective and 49% planned to host or take part in a webinar. And, Aberdeen Group found that marketers using video generate 66% more leads per year.
The more effective lead generation strategies you implement, the more likely you are to generate quality leads. Make use of other strategies — such as email marketing and social media — that can drive further traffic to your site and help distribute more content. Driving traffic to your website is great, but you need to ensure that once users land on your site, they stick around! High bounce rates — when users leave your website fast — can negatively impact your SEO. And, poor SEO can impact how discoverable your brand is. Similarly, you’ll need to ensure your site is quick to load, attractive and easy-to-navigate. All of this will help improve your website experience and make leads for likely to convert.

Clear calls to action

Content marketing serves a number of purposes. You may use it to raise brand awareness, improve your website’s SEO, to position your brand as an industry leader, or to get more leads. Whatever you use it for, it will more than likely include a call to action. Whether you want your audience to sign up to an email newsletter, make a purchase, or request for a free trial, your content should direct them towards it. Remember that not every recipient will react in the same way — there should be a significant level of experimentation involved in designing your calls to action. HubSpot found that personalized calls to action perform 202% better; so, consider investing in personalization tools to create personalized calls to action.
Consider what you want your calls to action to do and say, how many you want to use and how long you want them to be. You will need to think about the appearance and language of your calls to action, too. Copy Blogger found that making your calls to action look like a button created a 45% increase in clicks for one client. And, Content Verve found that changing the brand’s calls to action from third person to first person caused a 90% increase in click-through rate. Consider split testing, and ensure you have the resources and budget in place to make changes as necessary. If your click-through rate is good, but your conversion rate is poor, consider making alterations to your website and conduct research to see what could be impacting your conversion rate optimization.

Use IP tracking software to see who is visiting your website

Your website should be an integral part of your lead generation strategy. All content marketing will be driving traffic to your site — but what happens when they get there? Utilizing technology can transform your approach. Since the buyer journey is so much longer than it once was, leads may land on your site during their initial research period and never inquire. If they do not reach out to you in that moment, how will you know they were ever interested in your product or services? Lead generation tools can fix this issue.
Lead Forensics can work wonders for your content marketing strategy. Our software works by tracking business IP addresses to identify the organizations visiting your website. Users will be alerted in real-time — not only will they see when visitors are on their site, but they will also gain access to detailed user journeys. This way, they will know exactly what the visitor is looking for. This takes B2B lead generation to the next level, giving your sales and marketing teams insight they can use effectively to reach out to potential clients. Lead Forensics also provides access to a database of decision-maker contact details — with inside knowledge into what a site visitor wants, marketers and salespeople can send relevant content to B2B buyers at just the right time. Our lead generation software can also help align your teams, ensuring leads are nurtured and managed effectively through your pipeline. Turbocharge your lead generation process with Lead Forensics and request a free trial today!


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