Why data compliance should be the heart of your lead generation strategy

Data compliance in lead generation: ensure it’s at the heart of your strategy

“Putting data protection at the center of digital businesses strategies is the key to improving trust and digital growth.” — Steve Woods, Deputy Commissioner
Last year, we saw the GDPR take over the headlines and the to-do lists of marketers across the UK. Data protection compliance can be a complicated and time-consuming concept — what was once simple now poses a few more risks. As a field that has always relied heavily on third-party data providers, marketing professionals are up there with the industries hit the hardest by compliance changes. Data can include all matter of information — from the names and addresses of individuals to personal IP addresses or location data. When it comes to generating new leads for your business, data is crucial. We rely on valuable, accurate information to gain new customers. While many marketers believe compliance regulations hinder them, it’s important to remember that its primary role is protection. But how do you ensure you are doing it right?

What’s the basis?

First things first, marketing departments need to decide the legal basis they will market to consumers upon. Every company must have a basis for processing their data — when it comes to B2B marketing, legitimate interest is often your best bet. It enables organizations to process data based on three simple grounds.
● The individual has a legitimate interest in what your organization is offering them
● You have a well-considered and legitimate interest in communicating with the individual
● Your contract with the individual does not affect their rights or freedoms
Within your lead generation strategy, reaching out to individuals that do not have a legitimate interest in your business could be seen as GDPR non-compliance. When it comes to using lead generation software like Lead Forensics, it’s safe to say that legitimate interest is a fair basis. Our software is fully GDPR compliant — when a visitor lands on your site, they are expressing an interest in your product or service. Our software works by providing you with the contact details of your website visitors — all comfortably within GDPR compliance.

Handling data with care

“If you think compliance is expensive — try non-compliance.” — Paul McNulty, Former US Deputy Attorney General
Data compliance keeps personal data safe — and ensures that customers are not kept in the dark. Your customers, prospects and leads should have the right to ask what data you have, and request to be forgotten. Ensure it is acquired correctly through a GDPR compliant database, and also managed, stored and used with compliance in mind too. This will include processing only the data you need, keeping it only for the appropriate amount of time, reporting any problems, and only sharing data for necessary and lawful reasons. Do your research, and don’t risk getting it wrong — it could cost you a hefty fine and put a big dent in your reputation, like Facebook.
Through lead generation technology Lead Forensics, if a business wants you to remove their data, you can blacklist them from the LF portal. This means that if they land on your business site in the future, you will no longer be notified. We follow the same protocol for our own organization, too!

Data and compliance in lead gen software

Gaining qualified leads is likely a crucial part of your lead generation plan — and when you decide which strategies to use, ensure you consider how data privacy compliance will affect them. Some of your lead generation marketing methods may require a GDPR audit before you embark on them. For example, you’ll need to clearly state how customers can unsubscribe. If your business has chosen to apply legitimate interest as your basis, you will need to ensure you have done your due diligence to ensure the data subjects you are sending to are the right people. Check their business is the correct industry, and that your contact could have a legitimate interest in your service.
Lead generation software could help with this process. Lead Forensics works using business data. Business names and addresses, website addresses and telephone numbers are all free from GDPR regulation. Personal email addresses — that includes anything other than the organization’s generic ‘info@’ email address — are considered personal data. That is where legitimate interest comes into play — if you believe the individual could have a genuine interest in your product, then you are able to use the data Lead Forensics provides to reach out to the prospect.

Keep calm and comply with GDPR

Lead Forensics goes through all necessary checks to ensure compliance. Our third-party data suppliers are established organizations — with all of which we have contractual agreements hinged around compliance. All Lead Forensics data has been through our verification department — ensuring it is accurate and able to be a part of the product. Our leading global database helps ensure you have the B2B lead generation data you need at your fingertips; all while ensuring you comply with GDPR throughout your processes.
Discover Lead Forensics today — market-leading software that helps you discover leads through your B2B website. It works by tracking your website, alerting you in real time of the businesses exploring your site. See their website journey, access up-to-date contact details of business decision-makers and strike while the iron is hot. Generate high quality leads, access accurate and GDPR compliant data, enhance lead nurture and improve lead management. Request a demonstration today and turbocharge your lead generation process.


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