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Lead generation strategies for the modern B2B marketer

Lead generation is what all B2B marketers are striving for. The more leads we can generate, the more our sales teams can work into customers, providing revenue and business growth. 72% of B2B marketers see lead generation as a primary focus for 2018. However, as technology advances, so do the attitudes and needs of our prospects – so how can we continue to generate leads in a modern world? 50% of B2B companies saw generating high quality, sales ready leads as a challenge for the year ahead; with so many different channels to strategize, it’s difficult to construct marketing tactics that guarantee reliable lead generation.


Here at Lead Forensics, we are proud to say we’re lead generation experts, with 50,000 B2B marketing and sales experts using our software to generate fresh, ready-to-buy leads. We wanted to bring you a few lead generation tactics that will keep your marketing up to date with the modern buyer’s mind-set and needs. As we can tell you what businesses are visiting your website, we may also be able to help your lead generation flourish- find out more here… But for now – let’s talk lead generation strategies!


Email marketing


Email marketing remains the third most influential source in B2B marketing. The amount of people using email worldwide will top 3 billion by 2020, and when it comes to business proposals, 86% of professionals prefer to use email. This channel really is a must if you’re serious about lead generation. The performance of email marketing campaigns continues to be strong, with over 75% of companies saying the channel produces a “good” or “excellent” ROI. However to appeal to the modern buyer, you’ll need to employ some specific tactics.


Segmented and targeted emails are the most effective at producing leads that drive revenue. This is achieved by using specific details, such as the recipient’s name, in the email copy, or segmenting your data by job title or industry and targeting the copy appropriately. Businesses who employ these tactics see email marketing generate 58% of all revenue, so this the step is essential in modernizing your email marketing to fit the modern buyer. The more detail you can target within the copy, the better the email will perform.


Top tip: Don’t forget click through rates – where your prospect clicks through to a landing page or contact form.  Recent findings show the more images you put in an email, the lower the click through rate – so plan your emails carefully!




Search engine optimization is what enables your company to rank highly when someone searches the internet for the solution you offer. Google gets around 100 billion searches a month, so you want to stake your claim in the top spots in those searches. 94% of B2B buyers start their journey online, so don’t just optimize your website, optimize every page you have online!


SEO leads have a 14.6% lead-to-close rate, which is huge compared to outbound’s 1.7%, but how do you get there? Its very simple- you just need to give the people what they want. Make a buyer persona of your perfect client, know what they’ll type into a search bar, and feature that vocabulary heavily across relevant content and copy; this will help you gain a high quality score (QS) and increase your chances of being found online. 72% of marketers who employ this tactic have seen results on their rankings, so get to it!


Top tip: Mobile is on the up, so you need to plan for a mobile first approach. 50% of B2B searches are carried out on a mobile device, so optimize your website for this in both appearance and functionality. Prepare also for voice search- 20% of mobile searches are now activated by voice, and it’s due to climb to 50% by 2020, so plan ahead for this!


Content marketing


Content marketing is vital to a modern marketing strategy for many reasons. It not only raises brand awareness by placing you as thought leaders in your field, it also generates plenty of leads in many different ways.


Content marketing hinges on giving something valuable back to your prospect through the use of blogs, downloadable assets and multimedia, so they’re inclined to return the favor and ask more about what you do. This approach is also essential for nurturing leads through a warm lead program, whereby you send regular, relevant content to leads who aren’t ready to do business yet, but may want to in time. When these leads are ready to buy from you, they not only move through the sales pipeline faster (as you’re already an expert in their minds from all that amazing content!) but they also spend an average of 47% more – so a bigger business win is yours. It’s worth the wait.


To please today’s B2B buyers with a content marketing strategy, we’d recommend looking into account based marketing (ABM) and automation. This enables you to personalize your content marketing to the leads you’re prospecting and nurturing, much like with email marketing, bringing that touch of care and depth B2B buyers love. Alongside this, set up workflows that automate the distribution of your content – this will increase your qualified leads by 451%!


Social Media


55% of B2B buyers use social media to conduct research into products or suppliers, so when we’re looking to entice the modern B2B buyer, social media must take part in the conversation. Over 50% of B2B marketers who implemented social media strategies in the last 2 years saw an impact on sales closed, so when you’re looking to generate sales-ready leads, a social media strategy is a must!


Remember the three Ps here- presence, personality and prospect-first.


  • Presence- On social media, just having an account isn’t enough – you need to be active on it regularly, engaging with prospects. From sharing content, to joining groups and replying to comments, the more time you put into social media the more you’ll gain from it. A social media account is seen as far more trustworthy and insightful if the account manager is active, constantly reacting to the social network around them – they’re always present.
  • Personality– For a brand to be successful on social media, you need to have a personality buyer’s can perceive as “genuine”. Channels such as Facebook allow you to bring a human element to your brand (especially if events are out of your budgeting capabilities). Share stories about the people who work for your company, sign posts off with the names of those that wrote them – use social media to appear as a person, and you’ll see the credibility you earn and the leads you’ll gain.
  • Prospect-first- One of the most crucial points to remember when running a social media account is that B2B buyers don’t want you to self-promote 24/7. Obviously you need to tell people what you do and how awesome it is, but you need to find softer approaches to it. Think of what your prospects need and why they come to you, put these needs into your social media marketing when promoting your brand, so it’s all about them, not you.


Lead generation solution


Of course, a brilliant way to boost your lead generation is to invest in a solution to help you. There are loads of benefits to this which are outlined here, but finding the right lead generation solution not only brings you more leads than ever before, but feeds into all these other strategies to give you maximum results. Consider Lead Forensics for example; our software shows you what businesses are visiting your website and gives you the details needed to get in contact with them straight away. This not only gives you bucket-loads of new leads to call, but also allows you to create a tailored approach, using the details of their visit. See what pages they visited and how they found you, so you can engage them by referencing the channel that got them interested in the first place.

There are plenty of leads visiting your website every day, they’re on your website right now! Lead Forensics is the only lead generation solution that tells you who they are.  Why not claim your free demo and get started today? 


Free guide –  Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales has plenty more information in about lead generation strategies. It’s free, so give it a read!


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