Lead generation strategy best practices: the ultimate guide

Best practices for the ultimate lead generation strategy

Lead generation is a business fundamental; without it, you risk a serious lack of sales and a failure to build revenue and grow your business. Mastering the ultimate lead generation strategy doesn’t come easy for every business. As each target audience is different, there is no single “right way” to conduct a lead generation strategy, but there are best practices we can all be mindful of to ensure a flawless lead generation solution.


Identify your ideal client 


Currently, half of the leads you generate will not even enter your sales pipeline, purely because they are not well suited to your product. Many businesses focus on lead quantity over quality, causing money to be lost investing in leads with no chance of producing a return. Properly identifying your ideal client, and carrying this knowledge forward into lead generation strategy planning helps ensure you generate the right leads for your business.


Start by looking at your product and nailing down the essentials required to properly utilise it. Must they have a website? Or a sales team? Must they be a B2B company in a specific industry? Then look to those elements you would prefer, but aren’t essential; for example, you’d like to generate leads who are decision makers with a specific budget amount, but these factors are not vital to the use of your product. From here, you can understand precisely what value proposition to approach your target audience with, and how best to market your specialist services.


Sort your data


With your ideal audience established, it’s time for a data cleanse. Your lead quality is only as good as the data you prospect. Sending email campaigns and content updates to those badly suited to your product doesn’t offer your business any benefit, and as some lead software solutions carry a charge per contact, you only want the best in your data sets.


Cleanse your data, ensuring the essential requirements are met, then segment it further into business seniority or industry- whatever categories may effect product use cases, so you can properly market the poignant key benefits to each audience. Though so many marketers are driven by data, over 3 in 4 teams are unable to run fully effective lead generation campaigns due to incomplete data sets; the need to properly sort your data and regularly address data process isn’t just paramount for compliance, it’s vital to lead generation success.

Understanding what data you have, and how well it matches your ideal client criteria helps your team gain insight into what additional data may need to be acquired, so you can be sure to strategize around specific data amounts, and plan targets based on estimated return rates.


Intricately plan channel campaigns


With data organized and ideal clients identified, take a moment to ask which marketing channels will be used by your audience, and how best to spread your brand message to engage the right people. Some channels are always important, like maximizing SEO strategies for improved website visibility and conversion, but others can have a success highly dependent upon audience engagement, such as social media. Once you’ve selected your channels, outline a plan of campaigns; how many people will you aim to reach? How many will you want to convert? How often will you conduct a campaign? What copy, assets and imagery are needed for effective campaigns? How will you measure the results to understand areas for improvement?


This may seem like a lot of questions to answer, but this planning is the backbone of a successful lead generation strategy. After a campaign has been conducted, and failed to bring the desired results, you need to know when the next campaign is due, to ensure you understand what went wrong, so it can be rectified. You also need to know how targets will be shifted and re-distributed to make up any deficits you may encounter; what contingencies can each channel put into place to ensure targets are met?


Upgrade your website


94% of buyer journeys start online, meaning there’s little doubt almost every prospect you target will come across your website; this hub of online activity shouldn’t just share your brand message, it should aim to convert every website visitor, so they come forward and ask for more. Currently the average B2B website sees 98% of business website visitors leave without inquiring. You need to upgrade your website and change this.


Looking to a website analytics tool is a start, gaining a better understanding of what pages and website elements are successful (or unsuccessful) in converting visitors. This can help you team understand what calls-to-action need to be more compelling, what content and images are popularly engaged with and how to improve user navigation for increased CTA exposure.

Or, you could look to a more advanced tool such as Lead Forensics to identify the businesses visiting your website, providing contact details for key decision makers alongside a full array of detailed website analytics. Follow-up every valuable website visitor instantly, with a communication tailored perfectly to their business needs and online interactions. Find out more- book your free demo today!


Move with the times


To create the ultimate lead generation strategy, you’ll need to future proof your efforts and move with technological advancements. It’s predicted 50% of B2B searches are conducted on a mobile or tablet device, meaning you need a website fully adaptable to these forms of hardware. Ensuring your site is fast loading, easily navigated without a mouse and rotation friendly are just the first steps in adopting an essential mobile first approach. 


Due to this influx of mobile use, and the release of home assistants like the Alexa by Amazon, 20% of searches are now voice activated, meaning the amount of words used in the average search has increased. Longer searches are also formed to resemble complete sentences; instead of searching “CRM software” you’re likely to see searches for “Which CRM software is best for XXX businesses?” This offers your team an opportunity to maximize on long-tails keywords and get ahead for improved search rankings. 


Focus on lead nurture


To create the best lead generation strategy, you need to ensure lead quality is as important as lead quantity, and this is achieved through advanced lead nurture. When waiting for leads to inquire or build up a lead score high enough for your sales team to make contact, continually engaging them with relevant content and regular communications can lead to a sale worth 47% more! Conversion is important, but so is building product value, helping your audience understand your product and what business problems it solves. Ask what nurturing information your campaigns share with your target audience.How much product information is needed to ensure your prospects have an understanding of your product’s benefits, and enough urgency to request additional information?


For the ultimate lead generation strategy you need a tool to kick-start success and ensure continual lead results; you need Lead Forensics. Our groundbreaking tool identifies the businesses visiting your website and provides contact details for key decision makers, along with a full breakdown of every website journey, helping your team conduct instant, impactful follow-ups for increased conversion.Revolutionize your lead generation strategy for the ultimate lead success- find out more. Book your free demo today!


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