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Marketing automation: 5 best picks


“I can’t imagine my life without marketing automation. It’s a no-brainer. To me, the fact that so many companies don’t have it is amazing.” — Holly Condon, VP Business Development, PaperSave


For B2B marketers, it’s no secret that a number of day-to-day tasks can be repetitive and time-consuming. That’s a given! When it comes to finding leads, building an online presence, and generating demand for your brand and products — consistency is an absolute necessity. This means ensuring your content is regular, platforms and channels are always updated, and contact with your key audience is constant. Enter marketing automation — one of the most valuable types of B2B marketing technology. By definition, automation is the technology that — quite simply — ‘automates’ your marketing processes. From email marketing campaigns to social media and content automation, there are hordes of technologies available to supercharge your strategy.


Key benefits of automation


Let’s explore four ways that automation technology can enhance your business.


Target customers with your key messages

Utilizing customer data and analyzing multiple interactions, automation technology enables users to segment their audience, personalize campaigns, and nurture leads with the right message at the right time, across various marketing channels. MailChimp discovered that segmented email campaigns have a 14.32% higher open-rate than those that aren’t.


Increase ROI

With regular contact and a more personalized approach, automation users will see a huge return on investment from their marketing activity and wider content strategy. And, remember, effectively nurtured leads are typically more likely to become high-value, loyal customers.


Improve productivity and save time

Reduce the time your teams spend on low-importance tasks and, in some cases, eliminate the need for your team to intervene altogether. Optimize their time, ensuring more time is spent on important activities, and reduce the need to re-do work because of human error.


Ensure consistency

According to OptinMonster, 60% of marketers say they can’t produce content consistently. With the right automation technology in place, the creation and distribution of content gets easier. Remove the need to manually send or start every campaign from scratch, and ensure that a consistent flow of content is going out.


The top 5 marketing automation tools for your business


So, what automation tools should you be including in your strategy? Here are the top five, according to Lead Forensics.



HubSpot provides the full suite of software for B2B organizations. It offers technology that supports marketing teams — from SEO and content creation tools, to live chat and social media ads. And, it provides solutions for sales, too — like lead scoring and email tracking.



From email marketing and team alignment, to artificial intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM), there are tons of processes that the right tech can transform. If you’re looking for multiple B2B marketing software solutions all under one roof, Pardot offers something for everyone.



From email blasts to highly targeted campaigns, MailChimp is an email marketing service that enables marketers to keep their customers, prospects, and leads in the loop. Its cost-effectiveness, easy usability, and readily available templates add to its popularity.


Sprout Social

Automation can take B2B brands to the next level on social media. With an organized dashboard, a clear view of messages, tasks, and feeds, and solutions for everything from social media management to customer service, Sprout Social can keep your channels ticking along.


Lead Forensics

Automate your lead generation process by removing barriers and, instead, turning every website visitor into a business opportunity. With the Lead Forensics website tracking technology in place and no need for form-fills or lead magnets, website leads are sent directly to users — speeding up the lead generation process and improving customer experience.


Measuring success


Proving ROI on your marketing automation — or any business technology, for that matter — can be tough. But, having a plan in place from the outset — with clearly established goals — and outlining key metrics is a good place to start. Are you generating more leads? Are you saving time? Has the consistency of your content improved? Have you seen an increase in revenue since implementing the tech? Monitor, measure, and don’t be afraid to adapt your approach.


Lead Forensics is an intelligent lead generation software that transforms B2B websites into a hub of engaged leads. By utilizing high-quality reverse IP tracking and a global leading database of business IP addresses, Lead Forensics tracks your website and reveals the previously anonymous identity of your visitors. Users are provided with the names of the organizations visiting their website, as well as the contact details of key decision-makers and detailed visitor journeys. This way, users have everything they need to execute the ultimate sales pitch and reach out to the right person, from the right place, at the right time. Discover new leads, maximize your website and support every stage of your pipeline. Book your free Lead Forensics demonstration here!


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