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Marketing automation software to revolutionize your business

Businesses that are not utilizing marketing automation software in 2019 run the risk of falling behind their competitors. According to CMO, 60% of all occupations could benefit from 30% or more of their activities being automated. It has several benefits, is often great value for money, and marketing teams that embrace automation are at an advantage. When it comes to b2b marketing, businesses are often working at maximum capacity, and incorporating multiple approaches all at once. This is where marketing automation can come to your rescue. You can find out more about the future of marketing software here.

Using marketing automation software to revolutionize your business

Marketing software can take your processes to the next level and help your team achieve outstanding results. No matter which process needs improving, there will likely be an automation software to help. Do any of the following sound like pain points for your business?

    • ● Generating, nurturing and managing leads


    • ● Streamlining processes



    • ● Reducing time spent on repetitive tasks


    • ● Increasing team capacity


    • ● Reducing human error


    • ● Acquiring useful data and analytics


If so, it is time to revolutionize your business by taking on automation. Available software can take entire processes off your hands, reduce the need for human input, and even increase revenue.

According to CRO leader Invesp, marketing automation can increase the number of leads according to 80% of users, and increase conversions according to 77% of users.

Email marketing automation software

Email marketing is still a key player in the marketing mix — especially for b2bs. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, 83% of those in b2b marketing use email newsletters. Similarly, according to SalesCycle, 59% of people say that email marketing can influence their decisions. Investing in email marketing software can revolutionize your marketing communications. You can see our favorite email marketing software for b2bs here

Improve efficiency

Automation can complete tasks at a rate much faster than even the best marketer. It will increase the quantity of emails produced, decrease the time taken to create them, reduce the need for manual sending and manage contacts effectively.

Personalization and segmentation

According to Campaign Monitor, segmenting emails can increase revenue by 760%. Creating different audiences based on their similarities — whether that be purchase behavior, demographics, location, etc — is a great way to ensure a personalized experience. Automation can help sort recipients into groups and tailor communications so your team doesn’t have to.

More accurate data

With access to audience engagement levels — such as email opens and click-throughs — you can see how interested your audience members are. This will help you decide how to approach targets, and whether your marketing campaign needs to be altered for effectiveness.


Nobody can get everything right the first time. Especially when audiences are as diverse and complicated as other businesses. Marketing automation software enables users to undertake A/B testing, easily and effectively. This helps to ensure you are getting the most out of campaigns, in terms of CRO, ROI and customer experience.

Digital marketing automation software

Digital marketing is any form of marketing using digital technologies — so it makes sense that a whole host of software is available to perfect these efforts. Do you currently have a whole team of workers trying to tackle the following areas?

    • ● Lead generation and nurture


    • ● Data acquisition



    • ● Customer relationship management


    • ● Prospect follow-ups



    • ● Social media management


    • ● Content creation


    • ● Data analytics

    To put it simply — there is automation software that will accelerate each of these areas. Alongside the work of skilled marketing teams, automated processes can skyrocket results and help achieve business success.


    Automation is an investment. But it offers a huge return! According to a study by Nucleus Research, automation drives up to 14.5% increase in sales productivity and reduces marketing overhead by 12.2%.


    Spending large quantities of time completing repetitive tasks is not productive. Especially when those tasks can be completed at a faster, more efficient rate using automation. Marketing automation software enables your team to be more productive than ever — taking complicated and repetitive tasks off their hands.


    Automating processes means businesses have it covered! Absences, holidays, staff leaving, human error… automation takes all these things into consideration and ensures that nothing interferes with your processes.

    24/7 demand

    Internet users don’t tend to ‘switch off’ in 2019. And when businesses operate 9-5 hours, it is impossible for someone to be ready to respond to every enquiry at any time. Software uses AI to ensure that no matter what time you receive an enquiry, the user will be acknowledged.

    The best marketing automation software for b2b

    To decide which automation software is the best for your business, you first need to establish your business’s goals. Your marketing strategy and sales objectives must align with your overall business goals. And, in turn, the processes you invest in should fit in with these.

    You can read the top 10 marketing software to boost your business, according to Lead Forensics, here.

    Lead generation should be a key part of your marketing plan. Without new leads, your business is relying entirely on existing customers and could be missing out on new business opportunities. Lead Forensics’ software works to effectively enhance the b2b lead generation process. It works by accessing anonymous website traffic, sending real-time notifications of who is viewing your content, and supplying contact details of the business’s key decision-makers.

    This way, sales teams can contact visitors while they are at their most engaged, and tailor communications to meet their needs. Prospects will have a positive user experience, and sales and marketing teams won’t be wasting valuable time chasing cold leads. Most importantly, the software helps capitalize on all other marketing efforts; you will be notified of any visitors that have been drawn to your site through social media, PPC and online advertising. So, no visitor will go unnoticed! You can read more about how marketing software can help with your b2b lead generation here.

    If you want to streamline your lead generation and nurture process using automation software, request a demo today!


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