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Marketing software to boost your business: the top 10

Digital marketing software is changing the face of the industry as we know it. It brings with it huge benefits to marketing companies and departments everywhere. It is reliable, fast, time-saving and forward thinking. According to a survey by Adestra, respondents said the following were the biggest perceived benefits of marketing software

    ● 74% of respondents said time saving
    ● 68% said increased customer engagement
    ● 58% said more timely communication
    ● 58% said increased opportunities including up-selling

So, now you know the benefits. But what areas of B2B marketing exactly can software help you with? The answer to this one isn’t easy. It seems that everyday there is a new software development claiming to help businesses with a different aspect of their marketing mix. Here are a few marketing approaches that are commonly replaced, enhanced or complemented by marketing software.

    ● Digital marketing
    ● Inbound and outbound email marketing
    ● Reporting on and tracking campaign results
    ● Social media marketing
    ● Content marketing
    ● Generating and nurturing leads
    ● Measuring return on investment


The top 10 marketing software companies that will boost your business

There are so many options when it comes to marketing software, and so many processes that the software can benefit. Here are some that we at Lead Forensics think can truly propel your business forward.

1. Hubspot


What is it? Hubspot is an inbound marketing software that contains everything a business needs to run a successful marketing campaign.
What can it help me with? It will help you get your content in front of the right people and attract more visitors to your webpage, as well as track customers and report your impact on the bottom line.
Why should I choose this? Everything is in one place ⁠— this allows for a smooth integration of departments and a great experience for your customers.

2. Google Marketing Platform

What is it? Google’s very own marketing platform; offering insights, reports, data and more.
What can it help me with? Whether you are a small business or a large organization, Google Marketing Platform offers a variety of analytical tools and solutions for you.
Why should I choose this? Everything is in one place, making it really easy for teams that need to collaborate! There are also free and paid options, so it caters to multiple budgets.

3. ScribbleLive: Engage

What is it? ScribbleLive is content marketing software. Engage is its product that helps brands transform live events into engaging content experiences.
What can it help me with? Live publishing and blogging, Q&As, polls and quizzes, scoreboards and more. It is a great way to engage audiences and event attendees.
Why should I choose this?This software enables businesses to keep audiences engaged before and after an event with interesting content experiences.

4. Hootsuite


What is it? Hootsuite is a platform that helps businesses manage their social media output, enabling content to be scheduled across multiple platforms.
What can it help me with? Reputation management, managing content and scheduling in advance, as well as providing insights into performance.
Why should I choose this? If you manage multiple accounts or have a team looking after social platforms, this will help you keep on top of what is being posted and when.

5. SendInBlue


What is it? All of your marketing communication needs are in one place with SendInBlue. The company prides itself on helping you send ‘the perfect message at the right time’.
What can it help me with? It helps you personalize customer journeys with easy-to-use design products for emails, SMS and chat, among other tools.
Why should I choose this? The software is widely used across more than 100 countries. It allows you to send up to 300 emails per day!

6. Wordsmith (created by Automated Insights)


What is it? Wordsmith is software that enables you to transform your data into natural language and an insightful narrative.
What can it help me with? It helps brands create personalized messaging, adds narrative to corporate communications, and more.
Why should I choose this? It speeds up content creation and personalization by a scale that couldn’t be matched by humans, making your personalized comms process much more efficient.

7. Watson Assistant


What is it? Watson Assistant allows users to create conversational interfaces ⁠— or chatbots — and add them to various channels and devices.
What can it help me with? Chatbots help find solutions for your customers before needing human input, making it easier for your team members to stay on top of requests.
Why should I choose this? The Watson Assistant was created by industry leader IBM and named the leader in ‘Forrester’s New Wave report on Conversational Computing’.

8. Marketo


What is it? Marketo is an adobe company, offering multiple applications to help drive engagement.
What can it help me with? It allows you to include account based marketing elements to your strategy, so you can easily manage your targeted accounts.
Why should I choose this? It offers an integrated approach, so all communications are under one roof, from analytics to marketing automation.

9. Webeo


What is it? Webeo is the global leading B2B website personalization software, which dynamically tailors your website according to the specific firmographics of your website visitors.
What can it help me with? It helps you make an excellent first impression for every visitor, every time they visit your website. It will revolutionize your online ROI, increase conversions, fuel lead generation and drive revenue into your business.
Why should I choose this? Impress your audience, maximize brand engagement, convert valuable visitors and revolutionize your ROI.

10. Lead Forensics


What is it? Lead Forensics is a turbo-charged automated lead generation software. It reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic and turns them into actionable sales leads in real-time, turbo-charging your lead generation.
What can it help me with? You’ll be able to rapidly identify and contact your decision makers and access all the data you need to convert leads. This includes names, job titles and email addresses of key contacts that match your target profile, from businesses that have been visiting your site.
Why should I choose this? Lead Forensics helps you transform your sales funnel and maximise campaign ROI.

If you’re looking to boost your lead generation and lead nurturing approach, then Lead Forensics is the software for your business. Our innovative solution provides you with valuable data about your website visitors in real time, so your team can nurture leads while they’re hot. We provide the contact details of key decision makers alongside a breakdown of users’ online journeys. This way, you can tailor the most suitable follow-up communication for your lead!


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