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Marketo LaunchPoint

Marketo recently introduced LaunchPoint, a new service to provide an ecosystem of technology partners and professional service providers, connecting Marketo’s clients and prospects with their partners and opening up new business opportunities.

Providing a platform for the Marketo community to share information with like-minded people and businesses, it enables marketers to feedback experiences with businesses and evangelise about stand-out solutions that have provided them with those ‘light bulb’ moments. Also providing newer businesses the launch platform they need to reach the marketing community and introduce them to key influencers and shapers in their space.

LaunchPoint is an intuitive solution, enabling clients to quickly identify new solutions to their business problems that integrate directly into their marketing automation solution. You can either browse by category such as Social Media, Big Data or Analytics to learn about new technologies or search by name if you know the exact solution you’re looking for.

With partners including SEOMOZ, Survey Monkey and BrightTalk all integrating with Marketo it provides a great opportunity for marketers to achieve the absolute best results from their marketing activity and access all of their information and data in one place to keep it simple.

Lead Forensics is excited to be part of this ecosystem that Marketo have coined as the ‘marketing nation.’ Providing an innovative solution that increases B2B lead generation and online marketing ROI, whilst integrating with platforms like Marketo, Salesforce and Sage to simplify the life of a B2B marketer.See the Lead Forensics review on Marketo here.