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Maximize your B2B landing pages to increase conversion rates

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In this video, I’ll be telling you how to maximize your b2b landing pages to increase conversion rates.

Building a successful landing page is one of the top five challenges faced by b2b marketers today.

An effective landing page can triple the leads brought in from a campaign. But how do you know if you’re doing it right?

We’ve put together a list of ways to optimize your landing page to increase conversion rates.

First, it has to be relevant.

Less than 50% of organizations make a different landing page for each campaign.

Many businesses are so keen to push a conversion that they forget to factor in the visitor’s journey.

Make sure the landing page is relevant to the marketing communication that drew the visitor in.

Next, you need to start at the top.

You only have 8 seconds to grab your visitors attention, so make it count.

90% of those who read the header and like it, will go on to read the CTA copy – so the top of your landing page is vital!

You want it to be irresistible, but also clear and direct.

You should use directional cues to guide the reader.

You want the visitor to read on, right?

Make their journey obvious with arrows, emboldened sections and buttons.

Or, be more subtle. Like, using images of people facing in the direction of the contact form, for example.

Studies show focus levels can double when direction cues are employed on a landing page!

Always be sure to narrow your focus.

48% of B2B landing pages have multiple calls to action.

This can cause confusion and heavily affect your conversion.

Your landing page should have a single aim, so make it clear from the outset.

Then, get rid of any pop-ups or fly-overs.

You have one goal here — don’t distract the visitor with additional extras!

Make sure you are mobile friendly!

More than 80% of business professionals use mobiles to access emails.

And, Google sees over 50% of B2B buyer searches come from mobile devices.

So, the need for a mobile first approach across your marketing has never been higher!

Create urgency!

This is an age-old tactic that encourages visitors to act now instead of later.

Present exclusive offers — like only sending a free e-book to the first 50 people to sign up to your newsletter, for example.

Think about the imagery.

We are 80% more likely to read a landing page’s content if it features an image we find enticing.

Use strong colours and outstanding imagery. Then, make sure you have the copy to match!

Include testimonials

Copy should be concise, but short quotes from clients work wonders!

88% of buyers trust a testimonial as much as a personal recommendation – so use them!

Your loading time matters.

A one second delay in landing page loading time can reduce conversion rates by 7%.

A page that looks great and loads in a few seconds improves your conversion and your SEO.

Make signing up simple.

The shorter the sign-up form, the more inclined buyers are to fill it in.

And, people are more willing to give their email address than their phone number. Bear this in mind!

When it comes to updating your landing pages, conversion optimization is everything.

But, there are two crucial factors.

1.) Make small changes.
Making a big change to your regular landing page format has proven to drop conversion by around 20%.

So when planning a landing page overhaul, change variants one at a time across a few campaigns.

A gradual approach is better here!
2.) Test everything!
The more you do it, the better your results!

A/B split testing is the most common and successful way of testing a landing page.

Some organizations have seen differences as high as 300% in conversions from testing landing pages!

They are so crucial to any marketing campaign – there’s no excuse not to get them right!

And, be sure you can measure their performance properly.
Lead Forensics enables you to see which businesses are visiting your website, how they found you and what they looked at.

See the audiences your landing pages attract, how long they spend there and where they go from there.

It also provides contact details for key decision makers in that business, so you can get back in contact with them instantly.

What’s not to love?
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