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Mistakes we all make – B2B lead generation strategy!

Lead generation should be a key part of your wider business strategy. Getting it right is crucial! But like all things in business, there is a level of experimentation involved. It is unlikely your lead gen strategy will be perfect from the outset, but as long as you learn from mistakes and are happy to make changes, you are on the right track. Remember, knowledge is power. So, get clued up before implementing your strategy. Ensure you are in the know when it comes to lead generation best practices and top tips. And, it is equally important to gain an understanding of what not to do. We can help with both sides — discover the best practices for lead gen here. And, we’ve put together five of the most common mistakes we have found affect business lead generation strategies.

Avoid these common missteps when developing your strategy for B2B lead generation.

Misaligning sales and marketing efforts

Many businesses see their departments as separate entities — each working towards their own established set of goals and targets. But it is important to remember that your team should always be working towards overarching business goals. MarketingSherpa found that almost 80% of marketing leads do not convert to sales. And, what’s more, SiriusDecisions discovered 65% of digital marketing content does not make it into the hands of customers. Why is this? There is a significant lack of alignment between these two crucial departments. Align your teams, set common goals and streamline their processes to reap the rewards. According to Marketo, sales and marketing alignment can make organizations 67% better at closing deals. Don’t make the mistake of keeping your teams separate!

Lead generation through content marketing — don’t dismiss it

Content marketing is not a new concept. According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content each day. And, it is being seen — almost half of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before they decide to speak to a sales rep, according to Weidert Group. Your sales team should make use of high-quality content when nurturing business to business sales leads. Too often, businesses disregard the importance of building relationships, favoring sales scripts and cold approaches to gain quick wins. Knowledge sharing holds great value — your new leads, current prospects and existing clients will all benefit from well-thought-out and relevant marketing content. Position yourselves as experts in your field and remind clients you are there, even when they are not looking for you.

Don’t prioritize outbound or cold approaches — get personal!

According to Weidert Group, the most successful B2B marketers spend 40% of their total marketing budget on content marketing. That is a lot of money, time and resources dedicated to content. But the content is useless if it does not meet the needs of you buyers! Conduct research and make the most of the data you have to ensure sales leads are seeing exactly what they need to see. Invest in personalization — from personalized email marketing and website personalization, to using social media to research your prospect’s pain points. Make them feel heard, valued and understood. This builds trust and enhances relationships — plus, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company offering personalized experiences, according to Epsilon Marketing. It’s a win-win.

Qualify leads early, or risk losing them further down the line

MarketingSherpa found that 57% of B2B organizations identify ‘converting qualified leads into paying customers’ as a top priority. While generating leads is crucial, ensuring they are qualified is equally, if not more, important. Digital marketing is a fantastic way to generate business interest. But not every lead or enquiry is going to make it through the pipeline and become a customer. Qualify leads early to ensure salespeople only focus their efforts on high-quality leads, and don’t waste their time on the ones that won’t convert. Develop criteria each lead needs to meet to become qualified and establish a buyer profile. Ensure all teams are on the same page and asking the right questions.

If you don’t embrace lead generation software, you risk losing out

According to Adestra, 74% of marketers agree that marketing automation saves time; 68% say it boosts customer engagement, and 58% say it ensures timely communications and increase opportunities. Embracing business lead generation software will change the way your company generates leads. Adopting marketing automation software to generate, qualify, nurture and manage your business leads can take the process to the next level. Streamline your teams and their processes and maximize on opportunities. According to MarketingProfs, 37% of B2B marketers are using marketing automation to generate leads. If you don’t utilize lead generation tools, you risk falling behind the curve and losing out to your competitors.

Monitor, measure and test everything!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator and author

Planning and developing a strategy is time-consuming. Once it is done, often marketers will breathe a sigh of relief and park it for a while. This is where you are going wrong — strategies need to be measured, monitored and tested. Find out what is working and what is not, and don’t be afraid to make changes! Look at what you are currently doing and what you have changed. Ensure you have the resources to check things are working correctly, and to amend and adapt if they are not. Generating leads is essential to business growth — don’t waste time sitting on a strategy that is doing you no favors!

Take our advice on board and apply it to your strategy. No strategy is perfect — expect that things will not always go to plan but put measures in place to help your team deal with it. Embrace technology to support your lead generation efforts and get the most out of your lead gen process. Lead Forensics works by tracking your website and revealing your previously anonymous traffic. Your team will be alerted in real-time so salespeople and marketers can strike while the iron is hot. Thanks to a leading global IP address database and high-quality, up to date decisionmaker contact details, no time is wasted trawling for qualifying information. Turbocharge your lead generation process and maximize on your B2B website. Discover Lead Forensics and request a demonstration today!


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