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Motivation hacks: Let your B2B sales team shine

A motivated sales team is productive and efficient.
Pumping motivation and energy into your team daily doesn’t just improve office morale and outlook.
It improves sales techniques and brings bigger wins and increased revenue results!
Now, let’s make sure your b2b sales team shines!

1) Automate where possible

None of your team members get a buzz from gathering and processing data or repeatedly sending emails.
They want to be doing what they’re best at — selling your product!
More than 50% of your team’s daily tasks can now be automated.
This will lift the team morale by creating more time to work their pipeline prospects and close deals.
And, it increases motivation, so they feel excited to do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.
Automation increases efficiency and generates a return on investment thanks to additional sales wins!

2) Keep tech up to date

Working with outdated software or faulty hardware creates feelings of negativity and frustration.
You don’t want your team spending more time with tech support than on the phone to their pipeline!
Insufficient resources can be detrimental to their working morale and your business results.
Ensure your team knows how to get the help they need, and how to apply for new hardware when necessary.
We find it helps to send a quarterly questionnaire asking your team what technical advancements they think will improve productivity.
This gives them a voice and assures them you’re actively working to improve the environment.

3) Provide relevant content

Speak to your marketing team about gathering exciting customer testimonials and content assets.
These assets should share brand expertise and outline varying use cases of your product or services.
Sales teams can use these when nurturing prospects and engaging them on social media.
With strong content to work with, your team will feel positive about each sales venture.
Create a content library of industry or use case specific assets.
This way they can instantly access the most relevant and impactful material.
And, they’ll be more time-efficient and make a memorable impression on their sales leads.

4) Create a sharing network

A well-motivated salesperson is always searching for new techniques to increase success.
Encourage this behavior with a sharing platform!
This is an online outlet where your team can share B2B sales news or top tips about the industries you’re targeting.
This provides a wider network of resources to improve sales success and encourages self-motivation.
There are plenty of free or cheap ways to start a sharing network.
It boosts team morale and motivation.
It’s a great way to welcome new team members.
And, it provides stacks of exciting resources at their fingertips from day one.

5) Make sure they’re a team

It’s easy for a B2B sales team to lose motivation if they feel like a group of individuals.
Create energy, celebrate big wins and encourage those who are nervous.
This creates a nicer working environment, lifts the team’s mood and encourages them to motivate each other.
Organize a team bonding event to set solid foundations.
Then, run a weekly huddle for everyone to touch base.
By creating a true team environment, they can work together to ensure every member has the support they need to be their best.

6) Share experiences

Sometimes a bad call can ruin a salesperson’s motivation.
It is important to prove even the best have slip ups!
Encourage your team to share both good and bad experiences regularly.
If a team member is stuck in a rut, empathise by sharing one of your difficult call and
then remind them how it feels to close an amazing sale!

7) Let them choose incentives

Many B2B sales teams are driven by incentives, such as a bonus or commission.
For the ultimate in team motivation, why not let them choose what incentivizes them most?
Letting your team select their own rewards increases their motivation to succeed and win what they really want.
Open a discussion about reasonable requests for new incentive ideas.
This way you’ll understand what your team wants, and what means a lot to them.

8) Get them the ultimate sales software

Introduce a new sales software that revolutionizes the way your team identifies new business opportunities and manages their pipelines.
Discover Lead Forensics: the ultimate tool for sales success.
Identify the businesses visiting your website.
Gain contact details for key decision makers and a breakdown of their online journey.
This software will evolve your sales process and give your team the best chance to shine!
Our clients made over $1 billion in revenue last year thanks to the opportunities provided by Lead Forensics.

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