Tracking IP address locations: is it legal?

IP address tracking is a popular addition to many digital marketing mixes, helping improve audience understanding and boost lead generation. However, there has been a question surrounding IP addresses and how different governing bodies regard their status within data protection regulations. IP addresses come in many forms, and experts have had difficulties calculating where they best sit within data categories. Data regulations […]

Is IP tracking legal?

Many B2B marketers use IP address tracking. It’s a popular solution, helping businesses gain a better understanding of their online audience and boosts lead generation success.

Can IP tracking software help my business?

IP address technology has now been around for decades, helping us to pass data between networks and access the online world. Though IP addresses are so deeply rooted in our digital dependence, many businesses remain unsure if IP address tracking software can genuinely help their marketing and sales efforts.

Are your business leads top quality?

Almost 3 in 4 businesses see generating high quality business leads as their biggest marketing challenge. It’s all very well generating leads a-plenty, but if they don’t drive new revenue and promote business growth, what’s the point?

Website Analytics - How Can Website Analytics Help You?

Web analytics: your metrics to success!

With so many vanity metrics out there, businesses easily fall into the trap of over-measuring; with too many numbers to read, the wrong decisions are made, and result see detrimental effects.