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Nurture and convert your existing pipeline

Every successful seller understands the importance of measuring and improving sales velocity. If you already have a steady flow of quality leads entering your pipeline and your average deal size is high, then it’s time to assess your sales pipeline conversion-rates and the length of your pipeline. By increasing the number of pipeline opportunities that convert into paying customers — and speeding up the rate at which they do so — you’ll increase your ROI, strengthen your pipeline, and see results quicker than ever before. That’s where Lead Forensics comes in; supporting every stage of your pipeline and helping you maximize sales success.

Lead Forensics tells you exactly who is visiting your website, all in real-time. Reverse IP tracking technology identifies your website visitors based on their unique, business IP address and pairs it with matched IP data to reveal the name business name. Your team is alerted in real-time, which means if a business that’s already in your pipeline hits your site, they can reach out instantly, while they’re at their most engaged and actively exploring your site. And, with detailed analytics and on-site behavior at your fingertips, you’ll gain invaluable insight into the wants, needs, and interests of your pipeline prospects to nurture them with relevant and timely content.

Remember, nurturing is key to high-converting pipelines. According to MarketingSherpa, lack of nurture is a common reason as to why 79% of marketing leads never convert.

The benefits of website visitor identification technology to speed up and convert pipeline

Deliver exceptional experience at every touch point

Great CX isn’t just for your existing customers — it’s critical to seeing conversions, too. Website visitor identification technology empowers you to reach out instantly and accurately, every time.

Speed up conversion time

Fuel your lead nurture campaign with high-value data for personalized marketing to reassure prospects at every stage of the pipeline and reduce the time it takes to convert leads.

Use behavioral insight to maximize success

Detailed website analytics help you improve your site — see your best performing content, your most successful referrer channels and campaigns, and where your prospects are exiting fast.

Looking to speed up and convert your existing pipeline?

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