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        McRae&Co are a leading authority on B2B demand generation for mid-market and emerging growth companies, they’ve spent the last decade helping some of the UK’s fastest growing businesses prosper.  Focused on the needs of B2B leaders they provide world-class marketing software solutions, demand generation strategies and programs to engage today’s hard-to-reach buyers.

        The Challenge

        McRae&Co work with a suite of best-of-breed technologies to improve marketing and sales productivity and manage today’s demand funnel. McRae&Co clients asked them to conduct a comprehensive review of lead identification tools that led them to Lead Forensics, the best lead identification and lead tracking solution available.

        The Result

        Lead Forensics has typically been able to identify 4 to 5 times more anonymous website visitors than the thoroughbred marketing automation platforms, especially for mid-sized and smaller companies who are often on shared hosting.

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        Program by filling out the form below.

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