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Pros and cons of lead nurture software

Abi Abrahams, Thursday 28 March 2019
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Lead nurture can be a difficult process to manage. Consistently engaging potential buyers throughout their sales journey as you guide them towards a purchasing decision is essential to business success, but must be managed with a delicate hand. As we live in a digitally driven world, a large selection of lead nurture software solutions are on offer to help you master this intricate approach. But can you rely on software to deliver high-quality and effective lead nurture? Could this kind of solution benefit your sales strategy and ensure the desired results? Let’s weigh up the pros and cons to find out…


What can a lead nurture software do?  


Before delving into the benefits and disadvantages of adopting a lead nurture software, it’s important we understand the capabilities of this kind of solution.


Lead nurture is a process driven by engaging communications and opportune timing. Sending a pipeline lead the right kind of content or message at the right moment can seriously sway their purchasing decision in your favour. However, your team members can struggle to ensure each lead working through their pipeline experiences a unique nurture journey.


Managing a large number of opportunities is made far easier by lead nurture software. These solutions can construct and automate the regular communications sent to leads via multiple channels. You can use these solutions to send content and attachments aligning with a lead’s individual business requirements, pipeline progression and previous behaviours. Nurturing solutions can also alert your team to lead activity and make recommendations on the most beneficial steps to take next.


These software solutions take some responsibility for lead nurture, sharing the enormity and intricacy of this approach with your team, aiming to make lead nurture more efficient and effective.



Pros of lead nurture software:


  • Time-saving: One of the main reasons this kind of software is so beneficial is thanks to its ability to automate time-consuming, lower-priority tasks. Lead nurture solutions remove a vast amount of administrative processes from your teams’ daily activities, awarding them valuable time to carry out more pressing actions. B2B sales rely heavily on telecommunications and sometimes, face to face meetings. These processes cannot be imitated or actioned by software, so the more time your team have to devote themselves to these personally demanding tasks, the better their sales success. Lead nurture software has proven to increase sales productivity by over 50%.
  • Deliver a high-quality journey to a larger number of leads: As your business achieves new levels of success, your sales pipeline will grow. Soon your team will be working with a heightened number of leads. A lead nurture solution ensures every potential buyer receives a high-quality brand experience, no matter how many enter your pipeline. When conducting lead nurture manually, or without the help of a software, your team may struggle to deliver a consistent standard of brand experience, having to prioritize certain leads over time. Lead nurture software helps you offer a higher number of leads an elite buyer journey experience, making the most of every opportunity.
  • Maximize multiple assets: As lead nurture software advances, it enables your team to work with a wider number of nurturing media. Every stage of the buyer journey craves detailed content in the form of videos, eBooks, infographics and more. Lead nurturing software can seamlessly include a huge number of branded assets in your approach, monitoring potential buyer behaviour and additional data insight to deliver content at the opportune moment. Many B2B marketing departments will have already created a vast amount of assets your new software solution can maximize. 95% of B2B buyers purchase from the vendor who sent relevant content throughout their purchasing decision- a lead nurture strategy can help you master this fundamental process.



Cons of lead nurture software:


  • Mistakes can be escalated: A vast amount of lead nurture software uses some form of automation to take lead data and conduct regular communications. Automation is a powerful and beneficial technology, but it carries the disadvantage of escalating error. Once an email copy has been uploaded to a lead nurture software, this copy could be sent to hundreds of new business opportunities to begin their nurturing experience. Should this copy contain a spelling error, or an incorrect piece of content, there’s little way for your team to identify this, meaning a large number of potential buyers are exposed to this error. If this process were manual, there’s a higher chance of your team identifying the mistake and amending it quickly.
  • A lack of personality: Lead nurture software can be hugely intelligent in its ability to identify lead criteria, such as industry, and deliver content categorized for that sector. However, you’ll always get some leads that don’t fit strictly into a segmentation or “type”. This can confuse the processes a software works through. Communications sent by these kinds of software can become impersonal- even if they contain the recipient’s name- as they misjudge lead information and promote the wrong message. Ultimately, communication is always more authentic when it’s composed and sent by a real person. You may need to regulate lead nurture software communication to ensure your team can conduct a balanced approach. You need to blend human-instigated communications full of character with the more generic, automated messages. Should you sell a niche product to a highly varied audience, it may be difficult to program software to achieve the right kind of customized nurture.
  • Difficult implementation and adoption: Once a salesperson has found an approach they believe works well, 60% of them will never change or adapt it. This can become dangerous. When trying to implement new software solutions that save your team time and offer them a new way to achieve success, they may reject it outright. Look at your team and ask- how will they use lead nurture software? Will they find this solution benefits their daily approach and helps revolutionize their results? Or will they rarely use the solution, believing they can always do a better job individually? Added to this, aim to understand how you would implement a lead nurture software into your current technical stack and strategy. Many organizations find they do not have the content prepared to fuel their ideal nurture approach, and others struggle to technically adopt new software in alignment with their CRM. These solutions aren’t the easiest to seamlessly implement into your pipeline; you’ll need a detailed plan to help you achieve effective adoption and integration.

There’s ultimately little doubt a lead nurture software can boost your pipeline success, but the question remains as to whether your current strategy structure and sales team can maximize this software to secure ROI. After weighing up these pros and cons, we hope that you feel better informed to understand whether this kind of software is right for your business.


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