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5 ways to increase lead generation with a real-time IP address tracker

Generating high-quality leads should be a key part of your business strategy. And, if it’s not, it needs to be! For businesses to grow, expand and become leaders in their industry, they need to be at the forefront of every new opportunity. While you most likely undertake a number of lead generation tactics — from social selling and lead capturing tools to event and content marketing — far too many businesses miss out on opportunities that come from their own website traffic. With intelligent technology in place, B2B organizations can generate leads through their website — even if their visitors don’t make an inquiry. But how can businesses increase their lead generation strategy with effective IP tracking technology?

Identify the exact organization looking at your website

Tracking visitors to your website can open your team’s eyes to a whole host of new, potential leads. While IP tracking software recognizes businesses landing on your site by IP address — it is important to remember that reverse IP tracking software takes this one step further by revealing their identity. This gives marketers and salespeople the ultimate insight. By discovering the exact businesses exploring your website, your organization has the opportunity to reach out to them specifically. Remember, according to Marketo, 96% of your website visitors are not ready to purchase — so, IP tracking gives businesses the chance to try and convert leads they never knew they had.

Reach out to key-decision makers at just the right time

Following-up with engaged leads is an art in itself — getting it wrong can be detrimental, and if your team hasn’t mastered it, they could be missing out on vital opportunities! When selecting an IP tracker to support your strategy, you should consider opting for one that works in real-time. This provides users with the benefit of time, alerting them of their website visitors as and when they land. This gives you a huge advantage over your competitors, enabling marketers to provide relevant content at just the right moment and salespeople to contact key decision-makers when they are at their most engaged.

Maximize on your marketing activity

Think about all of the different marketing channels and activities your business executes — each raising awareness of your brand and generating clicks back to your website. But what happens when an interested visitor lands, but doesn’t make an inquiry before exiting? With a website IP address tracker in place, you can transform your visitors into leads and potential customers. IP tracking can reveal their identity, as well as showing you which channel they came from. Here are just a few examples of the marketing activities that intelligent software can help maximize.

Social media marketing campaigns
Content marketing — including blogs, downloadable assets, and online video
PPC and social media adverts
Email marketing — newsletters, promotional offers and updates
● Quizzes, courses, tools and other interactive content
Affiliate marketing and guest posts on industry-leading blog posts

Track user behavior for a personalized sales pitch

Not only can accurate IP tracker technology help capture leads, but it can also help your team nurture them effectively through the pipeline and convert them into high-value customers. Real-time notifications will show you who your visitors are — and detailed analytics and user journeys can show you what they are looking for. This can transform your sales approach, enabling representatives to tailor their pitch to meet the organization’s specific needs. After all, the more relevant the offer, the more likely your lead is to become a client. So, make use of the data available to you to create the most bespoke and engaging pitch.

Discover the industries that visit your website the most

Generating leads through your website can dramatically improve your new business approach. But, businesses should also be utilizing the best IP tracker technology to gain advanced insight. With detailed analytics at your fingertips, you’ll be able to see the industries that are most interested in your website, discover what they are looking for, and tailor your content accordingly to meet their needs. While you may be targeting one sector with hordes of high-quality content — if they aren’t landing on your website, it could be time to review your approach and target audiences that are most engaged with what you do.

Lead Forensics is a leading reverse IP address tracking software that revolutionized B2B lead generation. The tool works by identifying your website visitor, and utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, revealing their identity in real-time. Users will be presented with the exact organization that has landed on their site, as well as gaining access to detailed user journeys and contact details for key decision-makers. This way, businesses have everything they need to reach out to the right person, from the right organization at just the right time. Discover a bounty of leads directly through your B2B website and book your free Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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