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Sales success: here’s how to get there!

In this video, I’ll be giving you the top tips on how to achieve sales success!
Sales teams are always looking for the perfect process.
The system that closes bigger sales, in a shorter time.
There is of course no perfect answer!
But these 5 sales tactics are a strong starting point that will get you on the road to sales success!
Ensure your sales team apply these tactics to their sales strategy and reap the rewards!
Let’s get started.

1.) Get to the right person

An average of 7 different decision makers are involved in a B2B purchase.
So, you need to make sure you get to one of them – and to do it as quickly as possible.
Identifying who your decision makers are and how to get in contact is a the first crucial step.
It’s important, in some cases to spend good time building relationships with people who can’t make buying decisions initially.
The time you spend building these relationships can really help later down the line.
If you can get the influencer on side, and you understand his/her requirements, you can begin to move up the chain and gain traction with other influencers.

2.) Make sure you’re helping

82% of B2B buyers don’t think they gain any valuable information on the first sales call.
Start by making sure you are aware of your prospect’s industry and the struggles they face.
Each of your leads is different, so spend time getting to know what you can about them.
This helps you understand what their current needs are.
And, this way, you’ll start giving them information they find helpful and valuable.
Nurture your leads, provide them with content that educates them and helps with pain points.
Remember that 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information from a series of articles versus an advertisement.
Apply this thinking to your sales pitch, too! Try and understand your Customer’s business as much as you possibly can, and take an active interest in everything they do.

3.) Qualify with care

Only 27% of the leads b2b marketers send to sales will be qualified.
It is imperative to get the right information from your prospect early on.
If you don’t, you will hit obstacles further down the line and the sale might even fall through.
Work together as a sales team to decide what you need to know from your prospect.
Details like time frame, budget, requirements, and capabilities could all be crucial.
Whatever applies to your organization, get them in black and white to see if there is a fit between your product or service, and your Customer’s requirements.

4.) Believe in your prices

35% of salespeople say that their biggest challenge is overcoming price objections.
But, one sure-fire way to lose a lead is to back down on your prices straight away.
Believe in your product.
And, believe that it is worth what you’re quoting!
If the prospect doesn’t want to pay that much then establish why that is.
What are their issues and how can you fix them?
This way, they should see the value too! Focusing on their requirements allows you to be the facilitator in the sale, rather than a sales person which will differentiate yourself from your competition and help you to overcome price hurdles.

5.) Always offer a choice

Nothing is more frustrating than a sale that falls through at the final hurdle due to not being able to cater to your Customer’s requirements.
Here’s an easy fix for that disappointing outcome.
When giving prospects a quote, provide a choice of 2 or 3 options.
These should all be different prices and have different areas of value to the prospect.
This increases those negotiating powers!
It allows extended dialogue and allows the customer to make a choice that suits them.
61% of buyers expect relevant information instead of something they have no use for.
By providing a choice, your Customer can make decisions based on what is relevant to them.
Why not see how Lead Forensics can help bring you sales-ready, fresh leads?
Last year, our clients made $1billion in revenue.
And they did it by seeing the businesses that are visiting their website.
Lead Forensics works by identifying your anonymous website traffic.
It then gives you contact details for key decision makers, so you can follow them up in seconds.
This way, your sales team is reaching out to leads that are already warm.
By visiting your website, they are expressing an interest in your service, product or brand.
And with a detailed page journey at their fingertips, your sales team has insight into their needs.
Find out more about how Lead Forensics can help your business.
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