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Scale up and sell more: highlights from our expert sales panel

Toby Fellows, Sales Director at Lead Forensics, was joined by a panel of UK and US sales experts on Tuesday 20 October to dive into the world of sales. ‘Scale up and sell more: reflecting on 2020 and planning ahead’ saw five prominent leaders in the sales world discuss the changing sales environment of 2020, the future of sales, and share their most critical tips for success in the year ahead. If you didn’t get the chance to watch the biggest webinar of the year, you can watch it on-demand HERE. Or, if webinars aren’t your thing, we’ve collated some of the highlights, key takeaways and discussion below.


Meet the panel


Daniel Disney is the Founder of The Daily Sales, LinkedIn’s most popular page for salespeople, as well as one of the world’s leading Social Selling and LinkedIn experts. He is also the best-selling author of The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message.


Niraj Kapur is the founder of Everybody Works in Sales and is the author of the Amazon top selling book of the same name. He has run sales teams for more than 23 years and has trained more than 190 small businesses.


Scott Leese is a six-time start-up Sales Leader and strategic advisor to companies around the world. He is the Founder of Scott Leese Consulting and The Surf and Sales Summit, and the author of Addicted to the Process.


Chris Murray is the Managing Director of the Varda Kreuz Training Group, the author of Amazon Best Sellers Selling with EASE and The Extremely Successful Salesman’s Club, and the host of the Extremely Successful Sales Club podcast.


Karen Dunne-Squire provides training, consultancy and speaking on the subject or sales and growth internationally, founded Uk-leading business growth enabler, Elation Experts, and launched the award-winning Growth Framework.


Scale up and sell more


The discussion is kicked-off with a big question for Chris, who was asked: “how has the pandemic affected your business?”


“This is the time you should be preparing for 2021 and hit the ground running.” – Chris Murray 

For Chris, the biggest impact has been the lack of ‘face-to-face stuff’, which he enjoys most about his job and says ‘doesn’t feel like work’. He explains that some of the best sales trainers he knows are able to identify the person in the room that needs a little extra support — something that is lacking with an increase in digital. And, he adds that by looking at what has previously happened, and identifying that we have always come out of it, it’s clear that now is the time to start planning and preparing.


Next, Niraj was asked how sales leaders can effectively lead and engage their remote teams in light of the pandemic.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Niraj Kapur


Niraj’s advice is to dial it down, ask your staff how they are, ask them about their weekends… he says it’s vital to spend just a few minutes showing that you genuinely care. This includes one-to-ones every Monday morning, call coaching every week, encouraging your team to switch off their technology every lunch time and, most importantly, checking in on team members that live alone. He adds that although he is a ‘resilient guy’, the lockdown period was ‘the worst’ few months of his life, and stresses that taking good care of those that live alone is vital.

“It’s different for different people and you can’t have a one-size-fits-all home working approach.” – Karen Dunne-Squire


Karen adds that when her business was working with those organizations transitioning into home environments, they ran audits and ensured bosses knew what every team member’s working environment was like. She says that whether someone is ‘sitting in a back bedroom’ or has a ‘beautiful study’ to work in, that sense of understanding is extremely valuable to managers and mentors.


“A personal brand is about sharing you just as much as you share your product.” – Daniel Disney

Next, Daniel was asked about the pivot to digital sales and marketing activity, and the tactics companies should use to engage their prospects. He outlined two key areas.


1. Your team members’ personal brands

He says you must empower your teams to create and share their own content and build their own audiences as individuals to develop stronger relationships, generate leads and positively impact the business. Start with something simple like a book review.


2. Video for content and messaging

Daniel adds that video isn’t always a natural thing for your sales team. But, it’s a good opportunity to communicate in a more engaging way. He says that now is the time to get comfortable and confident with video.


“Digital transformation has probably been on most forward thinking businesses list of things today for quite a while now.” – Karen Dunne-Squire


Toby presented Karen with a statistic: 50% of businesses think they have six months to transform digitally before they start suffering.


Karen responds that she can’t do anything but agree — stating that once it hit April, businesses had to embrace more innovative technology to make their businesses more lean, more profitable, robust and future-proof. She adds that inserting digital touchpoints into the customer journey is crucial, and with the exciting breakthrough of so many new technologies, she suggests that businesses embracing these technologies are the ones that will stay ahead of the curve.

“I don’t know how anyone is surviving who isn’t embracing digital transformation” – Scott Leese


Scott adds that digital transformation should have shot past everything else on your list, explaining that for his own business, he adjusted straight away. It was important to him to get as far out ahead as possible, drop things on the to-do list that were less important, and embrace modern tactics and technologies, saying ‘it’s way past time’.


After the initial discussion, Toby switches to LIVE audiences questions, exploring some of the most pressing issues for businesses today.


To listen to Niraj discuss getting past the gatekeeper and managing mindset; Karen chat about objection handling and ‘too much’ email marketing; Scott explain quick-wins and hitting targets; Daniel share his book recommendations and prospecting tips, and Chris explore lead prioritization and so much more — watch ‘scale up and sell more’ on demand here.


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