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        The ultimate guide: Setting up web analytics on your business website

        •  The basics of website analytics for B2B marketers
        •  The best 5 tools to use and how to get them set up
        •  How to use your website metrics to drive pipeline

        Most software can optimize existing processes, but analytics (done right) should generate insights that bring to life whole new initiatives. It should change what you do, not just how you do it.” – Matin Movassate, Cofounder and CEO at Heap Analytics.

        Asking the right questions…

        Your business website can offer invaluable data about your current online presence, your marketing success and the needs of your buyers. But to get sight of this vital information, you need to utilise web analytics tools.

        • What are website analytics?
        • Why are they important to my organization?
        • What tools can I use to measure my website metrics?
        • How do I get started with these tools?
        • What do I do with my results?
        • How can I use my analysis to benefit my pipeline? 

        This free guide answers these questions, as we aim to help you master web analytics with the best tools. Use your analysis to  improve conversion, brand engagement and pipeline success. Being successful at analyzing the data from your website doesn’t require you to be a mathematician – don’t waste the opportunity to unlock the true power of your website. Download your copy for free today!


        What are “web analytics”? 

        The term “analytics” describes the process of collecting and analyzing data to find trends and patterns. In the case of web analytics, this data pertains specifically to a website, including areas such as user behaviour and system performance.

        Web analytics regularly appear in metrics – purely quantitative readings. This allows the data collected to be reliable and rigid, offering marketers the chance to track their website performance and decipher ways to improve desired results.

        Popular metrics to measure include: Overall website traffic, Most popular pages, Average visit duration, Website conversion, Content clicks/downloads

        But there are plenty more! Starting from these high level, “big data” figures that offer an excellent overview, web analytics runs deeper into metrics surrounding more niche findings, such as visiting industries and locations.

        Currently, just over 50% of organizations gather their website metrics for analysis. So almost half of business are missing out on these vital figures, so how can they truly know the success of their online presence, or their buyer’s journey?