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Should you use HubSpot, Lead Forensics, or both?

There are so many tools available to the modern marketer that it can sometimes be a challenge to decide which combination will best meet the needs of a business.

From start-ups to global corporations, every business has different goals and ambitions, as well as hurdles that need to be overcome. The individual needs of each will vary greatly, depending on what is being marketed and who they are aiming to sell to.

In the fast-paced, digital world we now live in, marketing automation is a huge growth area. And it’s easy to see why. With more ways to reach a target audience than ever before and potentially facing competition on a global scale, the more streamlined sales and marketing processes are, the more effective they will be.

There are lots of automation tools available. Each offers a variety of different features and many specialize in a particular area. For example, some concentrate on areas of marketing, while others focus on social media and another group aims to support sales.

Lead Forensics is one such targeted product. It’s goal (which it does extremely well) is to help businesses increase their online lead generation success.

The software can tell you which businesses are visiting your website. Crucially, this includes all your anonymous traffic – i.e. anyone who visits but doesn’t hand over their contact details, or get in touch with you in any other way.

That means your pool of leads is opened right up and you never risk missing out on an opportunity again.

When you use the software, you have a clear advantage over the competition. You can contact potential buyers at exactly the moment they are researching you – giving you that all important perfect timing. This is possible because of the extensive database that Lead Forensics holds, which can provide detailed information at a level nobody else can match. A key reason the software is so popular.


HubSpot or Lead Forensics?

We often get asked whether businesses that already have a HubSpot plan, still need and could benefit from using Lead Forensics. And the answer is – it depends.

Basically, it comes down to your specific needs. If you are a sales-driven organization and highly focused on sales leads and prospecting, then you will appreciate the additional features we offer, over and above the basic HubSpot tools.

Most sophisticated marketing automation tools include some sort of IP tracking function, which is the basis of figuring out who your website visitors are. The major difference between them is the quality and detail of the information they can provide you with, how it is presented and how you are supported to act on it.

If a few details about the last couple of visitors is all you want and you don’t need their contact details or clever insights that can help you create an awesome sales pitch, then getting Lead Forensics on top of other marketing automation tools is probably not necessary.

However, if you’re serious about landing sales and want more information to help you generate more leads and close more deals, then it’s not to be missed.

Lead Forensics differs in that it focuses on anonymous website visitors and giving you information about them that you won’t otherwise get. Usually, you’d have to wait until they convert on an offer, such as downloading an eBook in exchange for their email address. However, only an average 2% of visitors do this. With Lead Forensics, you’ll know who they are from the moment they land on your site and before they ever think of converting.

Just knowing which companies have visited your website can be helpful and will be all some businesses want. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It becomes a far greater opportunity when that information is combined with our comprehensive database, to provide additional contact information not otherwise available.

Here is a closer look at some of the different needs you may have and what the most appropriate software is going to be:


1. I want to get in there early and have a competitive advantage


Focusing on potential leads earlier on in the buying journey, at the exact moment they are actively researching you, will be an advantage over your competitors. Look at your sales cycle and assess whether it would be advantageous for you to talk to leads sooner. If the answer is yes, then you need a mechanism to help you jump in earlier. IP tracking offers you a solution, by letting you know which businesses have visited your website. But if you want to act on this information instantly, then you’ll appreciate the up to date contact information, which is uniquely available through Lead Forensics.


2. Easily see who’s who in a company


Knowing who the key decision makers are is a top concern for any sales team. You need to know who they are, how to reach them and how to initiate a positive conversation. With Lead Forensics, you can do all that and more. You’ll get exactly that information for all your business traffic and no longer need to dig about to find it. With the click of a button you can get contact information for the key decision makers, so you can immediately get in touch if you wish.

We actively manage and update the contacts database, to ensure it offers clients the most accurate and up to date information. This is pulled together from several sources. Since larger marketing automation software solutions, like HubSpot, are more of an all-in-one tool, they don’t focus as much attention on this.


3. Small team advantage


When you’re a small team you have a distinct advantage in that you are agile enough to flex and adjust quickly to what’s happening in the market place. But often smaller teams will feel that marketing automation software is simply out of their reach. However, Lead Forensics is the ideal choice in this phase of business, as it can help you focus on what you need most right now – more leads and more sales.


4. Account based marketing


If you’re following an account based marketing strategy, then a comprehensive marketing automation tool could really help you. Lead Forensics can assist you with putting your campaigns together and monitoring their effectiveness, as well as helping you keep on top of your target customer list. After you have pulled together a list of target companies, you can upload this into your Lead Forensics portal and be alerted the second one of the targets visits your website.  You’ll also be able to refine your target list based on who actually visits your site, showing you the effectiveness of your campaigns.


5. CRM needs


All sales and marketing tools have some form of contacts database, which will manage any leads coming through. The big issue is how they work together to help you achieve your goals. This may be another deciding factor between which software you go with.


6. Analytics


Another point to consider when thinking about whether it will be enough to use Lead Forensics alone, is the insights the software can give you into your visitors. This includes the pages they visit, how long they stay on them, where they came from, how often they visit, etc. With this information, you may find you don’t need any other tools.

As you can see, it all depends on your individual needs. In summary, here are the most likely scenarios and our recommendations:


Using only Lead Forensics

Best for: Organisations with a very strong focus on sales, who want to be able to talk to leads earlier on in the sales cycle and who don’t need the extensive marketing tools that other solutions offer.

In this situation, businesses may already have the individual tools they need in place and which can come together to form a comprehensive solution.


Using only HubSpot or similar

Best for: Organisations with less of a sales focus and a bigger need for tools to support their general marketing campaigns.

In this case, it may be less about individual people visiting a website and being passed over to sales and more about hitting big numbers.


Using both HubSpot (or similar) and Lead Forensics

Best for: Organisations who want their marketing automation all under one roof, but who also have an additional focus on sales and would like more information on individual leads, as well as being able to contact them much sooner in the sales cycle.

The combination of both types of tools means you’re fully covered.

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