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Tailoring your marketing strategy to the modern buyer

Hello! Welcome to this Lead Forensics educational video. Elevating your marketing and sales success. Educational insights brought to you by marketing and sales leaders.
In this video, I’ll be talking about how to tailor your marketing strategy to the modern buyer.
B2B is changing, and our buyers are getting steadily younger.
Did you know that 73% of B2B purchasing decisions now include millennial decision makers?
And, this number is only due to increase.
Re-evaluating marketing strategies to suit modern buyers is more crucial than ever.
Your team can’t read the mind of every prospect or always deliver seamless campaign, but they can use these seven top tips to adapt current processes to better suit the modern buyer.

1.) It’s time to embrace marketing automation

Automation offers countless benefits.
It drastically increases productivity, eliminates time-consuming manual tasks for daily processes and allows more time to be put towards increasing results.
On average, automation can now fulfil 50% of daily marketing tasks, from sending email communications to gathering and analyzing metrics.
Automation also enables your team to execute advanced campaigns that would otherwise take them a vast amount of time.

2.) Personalize, personalize, personalize!

Being personal is no longer a nicety. It’s simply essential.
86% of buyers won’t respond to a marketing communication that doesn’t use their name, and more than 50% of millennial decision makers expect online experiences to be instantly customized.
Look at your current marketing strategy and ask how each channel you use can be personalized to better suit a modern audience.
Personalization may require new software additions, as well as an understanding of data gathered.
Welcome your team’s ideas and opinions to curate a highly personalized strategy without putting high pressure on your team.

3.) Discover video marketing

Businesses with a fully integrated video marketing strategy achieve exceptional results.
In fact, business landing pages featuring a video instead of an image have seen conversions increase by 80%!
Lots of teams are hesitant to embrace video, but it could be the secret to unlocking success with modern buyers.
Today, one third of all online activity is spent watching videos.
Millennial buyers are screaming to learn more about your brand and product through this medium.

4.) Remember to tailor to voice search!

50% of B2B searches are now conducted from a mobile device.
So, updating your website and online channels to be mobile friendly is key. But, there’s a new evolution on the horizon.
1 in 5 searches are triggered by voice. This is a number that will only rise as programs like Siri become readily available across everyday services.
It’s time to re-evaluate your keywords and SEO techniques to meet this modern buyer tendency.
Remember, talking is easier and quicker than typing.
So, a voice-activated search may ask an entire question, rather than a series of words.

5.) Social media is a must

More than 80% of millennials say social media influences their purchasing decisions.
A marketing strategy tailored to modern audiences maximizes on social media and creates a professional brand presence across the most relevant platforms.
It’s important to understand why social media is so well liked by a younger audience.
Younger decision makers see marketing on social media as less intrusive and more personal.
Many also enjoy the live aspects, so your team has countless chances to increase marketing by staying current.

6.) Optimize your website

Did you know that 94% of B2B buyer journeys start online?
In fact, almost every prospect will interact with your site at some point during the buyer journey.
This really heightens the importance of your website within your modern marketing strategy.
Ensuring it’s optimized to meet modern audiences’ needs and increase conversion is essential!
You should be offering a seamless website experience and guide visitors through to easy calls to action.
Try testing out different images, copy and journeys to find the perfect fit for your audience!

7.) Identify your online audience

Your website is a hub for modern buyers, so you need to do more than just optimize it.
With Lead Forensics, you can identify businesses visiting your website and gain a detailed understanding of your online audience.
This helps generate high quality leads with an already established need for your product.
And, this information offers a vital insight into which marketing channels are popular among your buyers, and what questions they have about your brand.
So, you can build an effective strategy perfectly meeting your current audiences’ needs.
If it’s time for you to revolutionize your B2B marketing strategy, visit the link below to find out more about Lead Forensics.
I hope you found this video helpful.
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