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Tailoring your marketing strategy to the modern buyer

B2B is changing. As new generations enter the world of business, our buyers get steadily younger. 73% of B2B purchasing decisions now include millennial decision makers, and this number is only due to increase. The need to re-evaluate marketing strategies to suit modern buyers has never been more critical to success, pivoting current systems to better meet the technical advancements and moving trends that shape the preferences of younger business buyers. Though your team can’t read the mind of every prospect and deliver seamlessly perfect campaigns, they can use these seven top tips to adapt current processes to better suit modern buyers.


1) Embrace marketing automation


Automation software offers your team a vast amount of benefits. It drastically increases their productivity, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks from their daily processes allowing more time to be put towards campaign optimization and strategy planning for increased results. On average, automation can now fulfil 50% of daily marketing tasks, from sending email communications to gathering and analyzing metrics, enabling your team to increase their current bandwidth to gain improved results and take on additional tasks.

Automation software also empowers your team to design and execute more advanced campaigns that speak to a modern audience. Using workflows to send communications in response to specific content downloads or advert views maximizes prospect engagement and instantly tailors marketing ventures to match the interests and pain points highlighted by their previous online behaviour.
Processes as intricate as these would take your team a vast amount of time to consistently deliver manually, needless to mention a variety of tools and creative copywriting; with a marketing automation software, this process is instant and seamless. You can easily meet modern buyer expectations, without bearing the burden of additional legwork and laborious processes.


2) Personalize, personalize, personalize


Offering personalized marketing campaigns is no longer a nicety, it’s simply essential. 86% of B2B buyers won’t respond to a marketing communication that doesn’t use their name, and over 50% of millennial decision makers expect online experiences to be instantly customized, especially if they’re revisiting a site or network they have previously engaged with.

Take time to look at the channels that build your current marketing strategy, and ask how each one can offer a more personalized experience, better suiting modern buyer expectations, and offering a more valuable brand experience for increased conversion. Weaving relevant and valuable personalizations into some channels may change your daily processes, and require new software additions to enter your pipeline. This process will also require a detailed understanding of the data gathered, held and processed by your team. Be sure to welcome your team’s opinions and ideas, helping you curate a highly personalized marketing strategy without piling the pressure on your team.


3) Discover video marketing


Whilst many businesses have yet to discover the world of video, those that have fully integrated this media into their marketing strategy gain exceptional results. A vast majority of millennial buyers will stop other tasks to engage with an online video, and business landing pages featuring a video instead of an image have seen conversions increase by 80%.

Though this tactic isn’t as trialled and tested as others, your team would do well to investigate what video can do for your strategy. Many teams are hesitant to embrace video, as the skills required to make this rich media don’t come easily or cheaply, but this could be the secret to unlocking success with modern buyers.

As one-third of all online activity is spent watching videos, millennial buyers are screaming out to learn more about your brand and product through this medium. The beauty of video lies in its versatility-there are plenty of ways your business can maximize on video. From creating customer testimonial features to offering product tutorials or industry expertise, video marketing has the potential to build product value, gain audience trust and heighten marketing authority. Discover video marketing, and how it can modernize your strategy.


4) Tailor to voice search


We all know the technology around us is continually evolving, as new discoveries change the way we interact with the online world. 50% of B2B searches are now conducted from a mobile device, meaning updating your website and online channels to be mobile friendly is key, but there’s another evolution on the horizon. This rise in mobile connectivity has encouraged more searches to be triggered by voice– 1 in 5 to be exact, and this number will only rise as voice driven programs like Siri become readily available across a myriad of everyday devices.

So what does this mean for your marketing strategy? To meet this modern buyer tendency, you’ll need to re-evaluate your keywords and SEO techniques. Online search queries are getting longer, as those triggered by voice ask fully fledged questions; remember- talking is easier and quicker than typing. Where a computer-conducted search might read “good email marketing platforms”, a voice-activated search may ask “What email marketing platforms are good for the construction industry?”. To properly adapt, look to your long-tale keywords, asking how these could be incorporated into a voice-activated search, evolving website optimization accordingly.


5) Embrace social media


To meet the needs of modern buyers, social media is a must. Over 80% of millennials say social media influences their purchasing decisions, and younger audiences prefer to follow brands through social media above any other platform. A marketing strategy properly tailored to modern audiences maximizes on social media, creating an authoritative and professional brand presence across the most relevant platforms. Look to your audience, and understand what social media platforms they regularly use, then strategize how you’ll build and maintain a consistent social media profile.


It’s also important to understand why social media is so well liked and embraced by a younger audience. The reasons are plenty; many younger decision makers enjoy engaging with social media when their timetable allows, and see marketing run through this channel as less intrusive and more personal. Many also enjoy how “live” social media is, offering your team the chance to increase marketing success by remaining “current”. Running campaigns and publishing information that instantly reflects the latest business news or current events entices a younger audience of decision makers. Look for upcoming events and plan seasonal campaigns on social media, helping you win the trust and business of a modern B2B audience.


6) Optimize your website


94% of B2B buyer journeys start online. It’s almost automatic- when we need a solution or answer, we turn to the internet and can end up spending hours browsing the answers we might find to our questions. This heightens the importance of your website within your modern marketing strategy. Almost every prospect will interact with your site at some point during the buyer journey; ensuring it’s optimized to meet modern audiences’ needs and increase conversion is essential.

Start by looking at your user navigation (UN) and user experience (UX), asking how easy it is to find specific information on your website. Aim to offer seamless website expertise, guiding visitors through easily accessed pages towards key calls to action. With UX and UN mastered, you can start using website analytics to identify specific areas of your site that currently don’t attract the desired attention. Try A/B testing different images, copy and calls to action, finding the perfect combination for modern buyers.


7) Identify your online audience


With your website acting as such a vital online hub for modern buyers, you need to do more than optimize it. With Lead Forensics, you can identify the businesses visiting your website to gain a detailed understanding of your online audience and generate a bounty of high-quality leads with an already established need for your product. This information offers vital insight into which marketing channels are popular amongst your buyers, and what questions they have of your brand, enabling you to build a more effective strategy perfectly meeting your current audiences’ needs.

With contact details for business key decision makers provided alongside thorough website analytics, your team have all the data they need to make immediate, impactful follow-up communications for increased conversion success. Revolutionize your B2B marketing strategy with Lead Forensics- book your free demo today!


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