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Taking events online: lead generation tactics for 2020

According to Endless Events, more than a third of marketers believe event marketing to be the single most effective marketing channel. And, almost 80% of US marketers generate sales using event marketing, according to Statista. So, it’s safe to say that events are a popular marketing tactic for businesses, and that includes B2B organizations. In the current climate, it’s safe to say events, conferences and exhibitions are on hold. And, in turn, B2B marketers are having to find new ways to make connections, generate new business leads, and get their brands noticed. Now more than ever, businesses are recognizing the power of digital marketing and the importance of effective online marketing tactics. But, how can B2B marketers step up their approach to ensure they continue to achieve the best results?

How working from home has impacted event marketing

With an increase of remote working, the way B2B organizations operate has dramatically changed. Organizations have already had to adjust the way they work to ensure their team can operate as close to ‘business as usual’ as possible. Lead generation, for example, will no longer come from coffee meetings and networking events. Similarly, sales pitches will no longer be taking place face-to-face. The current climate presents some difficulties for B2B marketers that say lead generation events are the most common way they generate leads — which is as many as 73% of businesses, according to Direct Marketing News. But, an entirely digital evolution is on the horizon. Event marketing resources and budget may have been freed up, some team members may have a little more time while they’re not travelling or regularly attending events, and key decision-makers are in front of their computer screens more than ever before. It’s time to alter your strategy to meet the demands of the digital world, and that includes your B2B events.

Online events for lead generation 

Webinars, videos and podcasts

If you were planning on hosting a talk or speaking at a conference, transforming your content into an engaging webinar is a great way to recycle your script, position yourself as an industry leader and generate business leads. The same goes for podcasts and shorter-form video marketing materials, too. Reach out to those that were attending the event and share a link to your content. Give them the chance to ask questions and get in touch — whether this be through a Q&A session, via email, on webchat or through a bespoke hashtag on social media. Remember to upload a gated version of the content to your site as a lead generation tool — shout about it on relevant social channels and host it on a bespoke and engaging landing page for maximum conversions.

Social media and digital marketing campaigns

Remember, social media plays a crucial role in delivering your content, getting your messages heard and — a lot like event marketing — connecting with new people. Execute a follower strategy to reach your key decision-makers and target industries, and create engaging, personalized campaigns designed for them specifically. Use ‘live’ features to speak to your audience directly, speak informally, run question and answer sessions, tutorials or educational videos. Work with industry leaders, influencers and affiliates to help boost each other’s profiles, invest some of your event marketing budget into personalized Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns for search and social media, and ensure every channel you appear on drives traffic back to your business website.

At Lead Forensics, we know that your website is the digital hub of your business. It’s home to everything your potential buyers need to know about your organization. It’s loaded with engaging, high-quality content, and, when maximized to its full potential, it can open up a world of data, insight and leads. Through effective conversion-rate optimization, a successful SEO plan, an engaging digital marketing strategy, and the right lead generation software, businesses can turn each and every visitor into a lead. Remember, people buy from people. So, while we can’t build professional relationships or a strong rapport over a chat, your website is the key to getting noticed by the right people. Take it to the next level with tech, prioritize data, and transform it into a lead generation engine for maximum success.

Lead Forensics is the ultimate tool for lead generation marketing in the absence of events. The software works by utilizing innovative reverse IP tracking software and a global leading database of business IP addresses. It recognizes the identity of your previously anonymous website visitors, reveals the name of the visiting organization and notifies users in real-time. Users are also provided with accurate contact details of key decision-makers and detailed journeys of the time spent on your site. This way, marketers’ eyes are opened to a world of new business leads directly through their B2B website — even if the visitors don’t make an inquiry. Discover everything you need to reach out to the right person, from the right organization, at just the right time — book your FREE Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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