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The 5 best inbound marketing software solutions for b2bs

In 2019, inbound marketing has become the go-to approach for b2b marketers. As the need for personalized and relevant content increases, inbound marketing provides the tailored experience that customers seek. There is still a place for outbound marketing, of course. And, combining the two can work wonders for your business. Let’s take a quick look at the differences between inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing

This works by drawing customers in and making use of owned and earned media. It creates brand awareness and drives traffic through engaging content and positive reputation. This includes:

    • ● Your company website


    • ● Your company blog posts



  • ● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


    • ● Social media marketing


    • ● Personalized email marketing — via sign-ups, opt-ins etc.


Outbound marketing

This works by disrupting the market. Instead of drawing users in, it pushes offers, content and messages out to audiences. This includes:

    • ● TV, radio and print adverts


    • ● Sales calls


    • ● Events


    • ● Direct mail


    • ● ‘Bulk’ email marketing — a more generic approach

There are some clear benefits and disadvantages to each. Outbound reaches a wider audience and can help you get in front of prospects early on. On the other hand, it is disruptive, impersonal, and focuses on one-way communication. Inbound is permission-based and positions you as an expert. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, 46% of marketers state it also achieves higher ROI, and 59% believe it provides better quality leads for the sales team. It is, however, more time-consuming and requires a strong online presence. You can read more about the pros and cons of inbound and outbound marketing here.

Now we have a clear definition of what the differences are, let’s explore the software available to improve your inbound marketing strategy!

Digital marketing software has a whole host of benefits — from saving time to streamlining processes. You can find out more about our favorite marketing software to boost your business [here]. Here are 5 of the top inbound marketing software solutions that will take you to the next level.

Lead Forensics

Generating, nurturing and managing leads is all part of the inbound marketing process. Lead Forensics is a software solution that revolutionizes these processes. It works by alerting users of their previously anonymous website traffic in real-time. This enables them to strike while the iron is hot! Sales and marketing teams can reach out to potential customers when they are at their most engaged — while they are on your website. This will help them turn qualified leads into active customers, fast. It transforms your sales funnel, enables teams to focus on hot leads, and maximizes ROI. Lead Forensics also gives users access to a database of key decision makers and offers easy integration with your CRM. It is the perfect tool to take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level as a b2b!


Inbound marketing is all about driving traffic through engaging content. To turn traffic into customers, you must capture their attention immediately. Unless your website is relevant to the user on their arrival, they are unlikely to spend much time there. Don’t let your website be the reason a visitor doesn’t convert! Webeo creates bespoke website experiences based on users’ IP addresses. This is great news for b2bs that can use it to target business prospects. Personalization can be as simple as making product recommendations based on previous purchases. Or, it can be as bespoke as greeting the customers by business name. It can even tailor what they see based on industry, demographic, and behavior. Webeo ensures your website visitors receive an experience they won’t forget.


HubSpot is an all-under-one-roof inbound marketing software platform. The comprehensive software can help you with every aspect of your strategy! From keeping on top of your content output to providing excellent analytics. Like Lead Forensics, it is simple to integrate with other software and platforms your business uses making your teams’ lives easier. It is easy to use, and no experienced coders are needed. HubSpot is great for email marketing — providing personalization options and many templates to choose from. You can find out all about our top 5 email marketing software services here!


Semrush is the go-to tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How you rank on Google matters — to your reputation and your discoverability. It can impact how trusted your website is, and in turn, affect your business! Semrush will help you get noticed. From generating ideas to create organic traffic, to running technical SEO audits. It can also give insight into competitors’ performance, keywords, and adverts. Quality content, improved SEO and comprehensive analytics will take you to the top!

Hemingway App

Engaging content is at the heart of all things inbound marketing. Every piece of content should tell a story — whether it is an e-book or a 280-character tweet! And, these stories should be urging them to think of your brand first. Hemingway App helps content writers ensure copy is easy-to-read and engaging. Suggesting changes as you go, the app ensures your reader will be able to focus on ‘your message, and not your prose’. The more SEO friendly and readable your content, the higher you’ll rank on Google. And, the more interested your customers will be in what you are saying!

Like all things in b2b marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all option for businesses! And inbound marketing software is no exception to the rule. With so many great options available, it is imperative that you choose what is best for your business. It is up to you to decide where marketing software fits in your strategy. And, in turn, what software will work best to help you meet your goals!

Lead Forensics enhances inbound marketing strategies by maximizing inbound lead generation. By uncovering anonymous website visitors, your sales and marketing teams are fueled with the data they need to make the sale. There are many dynamic ways to use Lead Forensics to turbocharge lead generation. Qualify leads fast; access first-class data; receive real-time notifications and increase up-selling opportunities. Lead Forensics offers something for every business. Want to find out how lead generation software can improve your inbound marketing? Request a demo today!


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