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The best marketing software for B2B teams

We live in an online world, reliant and driven by connectivity. To properly market our products to ideal buyers, we need to embrace these advancements, turning to different software solutions to boost campaigns, increase efficiency and improve results. With so many different types of marketing software to use, finding where best to invest can be difficult. We’ve narrowed the search down to the essentials, helping you discover the must-have marketing software solutions. With these services boosting your daily processes and business pipeline, you’ll soon revolutionize your B2B marketing success.


Why use a marketing software? 


Before diving into the best software for your B2B marketing strategy, let’s understand how using a marketing software can benefit your team, and why so many strategies are continuously planned surrounding the capabilities enabled by various software solutions. The reasons are plenty, but here’s a few of the best:


  • Increase team productivity and bandwidth: There’s little doubt that marketing software enables your team to stop manual, time-consuming tasks. From sending customized emails to cleansing data sets, marketing software solutions streamline everyday processes that draw your team away from more important tasks. The time saved by software solutions can increase your team’s productivity by over 50% and allow them to take on additional projects, and work towards a variety of deadlines. With marketing software, your team can produce results worthy of a team twice their size, proving just how much they can revolutionize processes!
  • Conduct audience appropriate campaigns: Your marketing success reflects how the market feel towards your brand and product. Using a marketing software enables your team to deliver campaigns better suited to your target audience, adding advanced customization and personalized features. Thanks to an understanding of online behaviour and industry preferences, marketing software helps your team achieve exciting campaigns with ease and precision.
  • Improve lead quality and quantity: Whilst marketing software solutions can bring an increase in leads generated, they also improve lead quality, giving your team additional control over large data sets, and promoting thorough qualification processes. Thanks to continued communication fuelled by automation, your team can also easily nurture leads to improve product value and provide your sales team with higher-quality opportunities.
  • Boost ROI: This increase in lead quantity and quality improves your overall sales activity, helping your business acquire more clients, deeply interested in your offering. This in turn, drives revenue and improves your marketing return on investment, which is key to understanding successful techniques and planning future strategies.

The best software solutions


There’s little reason not to invest in a marketing software. They revolutionize your everyday processes and improve results across the board. Whilst every marketing department is different, some channels consistently deliver results for a vast amount of businesses across varying industries, and the world of marketing software has stepped up to meet these popular business needs. Let’s discover the best marketing software solutions for B2B teams, and what they mean for your daily processes and department results.


Email sending platform (ESP)


Email marketing has delivered results consistently for over two decades, and as 86% of business professionals prefer email to all other forms of communication, there’s little wonder why. An email sending platform (ESP) is an essential tool for any business keen to use email to gain new business opportunities. Users can easily create data lists, grouping together email prospects by sector or seniority. They can also build enticing campaign emails, embedding images and links whilst personalizing specific sections based on data help to increase conversion.

ESPs also offer detailed insight into campaign metrics, which for email marketing are many; from email deliverability to open and response rates, ESPs provide your team with everything they need to properly analyze the success of every individual campaign. With such detailed analysis, ESP users can quickly pinpoint specific campaign areas that need work and replicate successful elements to consistently improve their approach and gain continued success.


Website analytics tool


94% of B2B buyer journeys start online– there’s never been a more imperative time to offer an exceptional website experience, sharing your brand message and encouraging conversion. Your website continues to attract new audiences and drive marketing success, so gaining software that measures website activity and offers insight into conversion improvements is vastly useful.

Website analytics tools do this and more, offering your team a huge amount of differing metrics for detailed analysis. Understanding how many visitors your website gets, where they come from and what pages they like provides valuable insight into your current online audience, and how dominant your brand is in the online marketplace. And this is just the beginning- many tools delve far deeper into website visitor behaviour, using heat maps and visitor recordings to inform your team precisely which page elements, calls to action and copy are successful in converting visitors, and which areas need work. A website analytics tool has the power to revolutionize your website conversion, and increase your brand’s ability to make a compelling first impression.


Content manager


Content marketing is a channel used by over 80% of businesses to achieve outstanding results. An effective content strategy can be three times more effective than outbound techniques, and cost 62% less. This channel also nurtures those not yet ready for a purchase commitment, building product value and increasing revenue gained by 47%. However, juggling a vast amount of different assets is challenging. Consistently publishing and distributing content alongside gaining the metrics and analysis needed to fuel future assets is a demand that grows with every new release, causing marketers to turn to content management tools.

Offering easy asset creation and publishing, content management solutions help your team consistently publish the assets you need to fuel this detailed channel, whilst understanding how your audience responds to them. With detailed analysis surround content views, downloads and conversions, understanding what asset topics and formats your target buyers prefer to engage with is easy, helping your team create continually relevant content for increased conversion. These tools also help users understand how their content is found, and which channels work best for content distribution; there’s no point creating exceptional content if no one can find it!


SEO management solution


Helping boost both your content and website conversion, search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to marketing success. With so much buyer focus leaning towards your website ensuring it ranks highly on search engines is essential to spreading brand awareness and encouraging online engagement to boost new business opportunities. However, mastering SEO is difficult; fully grasping the techniques needed to consistently dominate desired search pages challenges many teams, so marketing software stepped in to offer some assistance.

Helping teams track their ranking progress across multiple keyword searches, an SEO management solution offers users the vital and consistent analysis needed to manage a successful SEO strategyand suggest possible website improvements and tactics to boost keyword success. Those looking to improve their SEO need to regularly analyze their current rankings- many teams do this process daily, so they can instantly know when competitors outrank them and start understanding why. A SEO management solution ensures your team can always access the informative data they need, successfully managing the many different factors that affect SEO to produce a highly successful campaign.


Social media manager


Social media has stormed onto the B2B marketing scene, continuously gathering popularity as businesses discover new ways to identify and target valuable prospects. With millions of users interacting with a huge variety of businesses on a daily basis, social media can do wonders for your marketing results, but as with many channels, social media isn’t an easy channel to peruse. Offering a vast number of platforms to work with, optimizing a social media strategy takes a vast amount of work, or detailed prioritization, selecting key platforms to focus on.

As the popularity of social media rises, marketing software has evolved to meet the demand, and offers businesses social media management tools. Helping teams publish updates and content on multiple platforms from a single dashboard, these tools ensure your online presence remains consistent and engaging, without undergoing time consuming tasks, and managing each business profile individually. These solutions also offer detailed metrics improving your understanding behind each platform’s success, so your team can easily attribute social media ROI– something many have struggled with for some time.


Lead generation solution


The ultimate marketing software solutions provide teams with a myriad of exciting features, including lead generation. Offering new business opportunities ready for sales communication alongside additional metrics and capabilities to improve marketing channels for increased success, a lead generation solution has the potential to evolve your B2B marketing.

Take Lead Forensics for example. Our innovative software identifies the businesses visiting your website and provides contact details for key decision makers, offering your team instant access to new leads, already invested in your product. Lead Forensics additionally provides insightful website analytics, helping users understand essential website activity, successful marketing channels and what changes they can make to improve lead quality and quantity.

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