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The increase of video marketing in B2B Marketing Campaigns

As the B2B marketing world evolves, so do the marketing materials we use. During the past year, the popularity of video has skyrocketed. There have been lots of reports on this trend, but one statistic that has stayed in the forefront of our minds is one reported by Experian and Hitwise stating that visits to online video websites in the UK have increased by 36% year on year.

Digital TV Research have also announced that global online advertising marketing is going to reach a massive £60.6 billion by 2016, which is nearly double than what it was in 2010. Another report by the IAB has seen advertising spend via videos increase by 13.5% for the first six months of 2011 and now overtakes TV as the UK’s largest media in terms of spend.

Using video as part of B2B marketing used to be something that was a ‘nice to have,’ but is now a key element to any campaign. Many businesses are now even starting to set-up their own YouTube and Vimeo channels not only for their clients and prospects to subscribe to, but also to help improve SEO. And with Google counting video as part of its ‘relevance’ metrics, video has become an important element of SEO and driving traffic to your website.

And now more than ever, video plays an important role for people who are deciding to buy your product or use your service. If you aren’t engaging at the point when the prospect first looks for that new purchase or investment, then you have missed the chance to mould the prospects opinion. If your brand is not there at the beginning of the search and doesn’t make an impact you’re unlikely to be part of the selection process.

If you have, or are thinking about having video on your website, having Lead Forensics can help you measure its success. Being able to see whether prospects have visited to your ‘contact’ page after watching your video’s or have just left the site after watching it, could help you decide whether creating more videos will help or hinder sales.

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