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The key to revolutionizing website conversions

“If your audience isn’t listening, it’s not their fault. It’s yours.” — Seth Godin, Author and business executive.

In an increasingly digital B2B world, your website is a goldmine of opportunities. It’s a valuable business asset, with the potential to revolutionize your sales pipeline, convert traffic into new sales leads, and maximize the ROI from your digital marketing strategy. As B2B buyers dedicate more time to researching products before making a purchase, their buyer journey grows longer. But what exactly happens if the traffic hitting your website doesn’t make an inquiry? Well, according to Marketo, as much as 96% of your visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. That’s a lot of new business opportunities to potentially miss out on. So, how can B2B organizations increase the number of visitors that transform into leads, keep their sales funnels full and their pipelines moving?

Advanced CRO marketing

Let’s start with conversion-rate optimization, or CRO. This is the act of encouraging your visitors to complete a desired action when they land on your site. This could be something as small as filling in a form, or as big as making a purchase. In the case of generating leads, you’ll want your visitors to make an inquiry — and there are a number of ways to improve or ‘optimize’ your site with conversions in mind. Ensure your calls-to-action are above the fold and experiment with the language and appearance of CTAs. Reduce the length of form-fills and make sure pages are fast-loading. Consider your user journey and overall website design — it should be simple, easy-to-navigate, attractive and up-to-date. Most importantly, test everything you do and select what works best for your business.

Personalized marketing, PPC and landing pages

With an optimized site working seamlessly in the background to help you generate leads, your next job is drawing traffic in. In an increasingly remote working environment, now is the time to get in front of your potential buyers with high-quality campaigns. It has never been more important for sales and marketing teams to be united — working together to identify potential opportunities, capture leads, nurture and manage opportunities effectively and close deals quickly. To maximize website conversions, ensure each campaign has its own specific landing page with personalization at its core. Speak directly to your buyer, and do what you can to obtain their trust and enhance their perception of your brand. Consider running highly-targeted PPC ads on search engines and social media to lead traffic to your site — and conduct research to help you create, send and share the content and messages for your target audience.


Maximizing your website with innovate technology

According to the SWC tech insights report, the majority of organizations agree that strategic business decisions should be based on data. But, less than 20% are planning these initiatives. To stay ahead of competitors, stand out to dream clients and convert more traffic, innovative software is key. Technology can enhance, streamline and support your website strategy in a number of ways. Including it in your business and lead generation plan at an early stage, introducing it to your team from the outset, you will achieve your goals and hit targets quickly and efficiently. Remember, opt for a software that will make your employee’s lives easier. That’s where reverse IP tracking software comes in — slotting into your strategy with ease and helping you secure success, ROI and website leads faster than ever before.


How does reverse IP tracking software work?

An IP address is the unique set of numbers assigned to every device that uses Internet Protocol — helping you send and receive data on the internet. Think of it as a little like a home address or phone number. An IP address tracker is a form of website visitor tracking technology that enables businesses to track their visitors based on IP address. When a visitor lands on your website, the tool identifies their unique IP address, and can then track the behavior of the visitor — including those that don’t make an inquiry. According to Statista, 62% of marketers stated their reason for investing in marketing technology was to better understand customers and prospects. So, not only will your website conversion-rate soar, but you’ll gain valuable insight into who your visitors are and what they are looking at, too.

Lead Forensics is an innovative B2B sales software that transforms your B2B website into a hub of engaged leads. It works by utilizing intelligent reverse IP tracking software and a global leading database of business IP addresses to track your website visitors, reveal their identity and notify you in real-time. Users are provided with the business name, contact details of key decision-makers and detailed visitor journeys outlining the time spent on your site. This way, marketers and sales reps have everything they need to reach out to the right person, with the right information at the right time. Book your Lead Forensics demonstration today!


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