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        The Lead Forensics Lowdown: Georgina takes on new role

        The Lead Forensics Lowdown is a series of articles that takes a look at the faces behind the Lead Forensics brand. We introduce you to the lead generation software professionals making themselves known in the industry. Here is where you’ll find the latest information and updates!
        2019 has been a whirlwind for Lead Forensics — with exciting changes, an ever-growing team, and tons of opportunities for development, we’re rarely short of good news to share. We’re passionate about nurturing our staff and watching them flourish in the career of their dreams. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the promotion of Georgina Quinn to Senior Brand and Influence Marketing Manager. Georgina joined the team back in 2015 and has been an asset to the Lead Forensics brand ever since. Let’s learn a little more about Georgina!

        She said: “I’ve been working at Lead Forensics for over four years now. It’s so exciting to be in the new position I am in after years of hard work and really getting to know the brand inside out.”
        Georgina has been the driving force behind the Lead Forensics LinkedIn proposition for years, continually developing exceptional results every month. How will that help in her new role?

        “I have worked as the Global LinkedIn Manager, Lead Generation Channel Manager, and Lead Gen Team Leader over the past few years, quickly excelling my way towards this new role. Because of my experience, I am familiar with the pipeline and processes, and have a true understanding of the brand. This will all help me execute my role as effectively as possible!”
        Georgina’s positive ‘can-do’ attitude, drive and ambition propelled her into the new role, making her the obvious choice for the position. But what will it involve, day-to-day?

        Georgina said: “As Senior Brand and Influence Marketing Manager, it is my responsibility to truly understand the Lead Forensics brand and ensure that everything we produce is in-line with our values. I am responsible for all offline and online assets, content and SEO development and strategy, as well as ensuring a positive reputation across the board.”

        “I’ll also be overseeing our Sales Development Program (SDP) team starting in the next quarter, as well as remaining responsible for our LinkedIn proposition. It’s full steam ahead for me and the team— but I’m excited to step up to the challenge!” She added.

        With an obvious passion for the brand, Georgina personifies all things Lead Forensics. But what is it that she loves about the brand and product?

        She said: “The best thing about Lead Forensics is the quality of the software. It’s always improving, and it is a huge influence in the marketing industry. It’s so valuable for businesses of all sizes, at all stages of the pipeline. I’ve been lucky enough to see just how powerful the lead generation tool really can be throughout my time here and have gained an understanding of how it can take businesses to the next level.”
        Lead Forensics was ranked 19th in the UK’s Best Workplaces in 2015, as well as being named in the top 20 most inspirational places to work. Georgina tells us what she enjoys about the Lead Forensics environment and the day-to-day business.

        She said: “Being part of the Lead Forensics team is a joy each day! It’s a fast-paced and inspiring environment, and I’m surrounded by lovely people that are passionate about sales and marketing. The career progression is epic, too — Lead Forensics wants to see its staff grow and excel, so everyone strives to be world-class.”

        As an aspiring world-class marketing professional and self-learner, Georgina never gives up. Over the past year in particular, she has been impressive at every stage.

        Speaking of the opportunities Lead Forensics has presented her, Georgina said: “The organization is helping me to achieve my career aspirations and goals. I will be forever thankful for the endless opportunities and support that Lead Forensics has given me so far. And, I look forward to seeing what the future holds!”

        We are thrilled to have Georgina as a key member of the Lead Forensics marketing team, and we predict exciting times ahead for the team as a whole. Read about the latest developments and insights into the world of B2B sales, marketing and lead generation on the Lead Forensics blog. Keep up with the latest here.

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