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The Marketing Team You Can’t Be Without: 5 Quick-fire Profiles

Over 50% of marketers say their job roles include responsibilities outside of their immediate marketingchannel. Our time and resource is a precious commodity and we can’t wear every hat in the marketing box (although we definitely try!).


To take the lead and deliver those all-important results, you’re going to need a well-rounded team of super-star marketers to get you there. Take a look at these quick-fire profiles inspired by the IDM B2B Barometer to wet your marketing appetite.


Profile 1 – The data analyst


Who they are: A data-driven whizz to dive head first into your online, email, conversion analytics…you name it, they’ll analyse it.


What they do: Whether it’s at channel or strategic level, this team player is ALL about getting stuck into those numbers. Give them a huge pile of data, an hour on excel and send them off to analyse…they’ll be happy as Larry (and you’ll have that well-needed data insight you always need to increase performance).


Why you need them: On average, companies collect customer and prospect data from three or more marketing channels at any one time. You need your data analyst to pull meaningful insight at the drop of a hat, and feedback those results so that your team can pro-actively assess their activity and make effective changes. You also need this level of analysis to discover and maintain return on investments your team have made to increase campaign success.


Profile 2 – The digital marketing optimizer


Who they are:  A tech-savvy time bomb that keeps your team up to date with the latest marketing solutions available and knows how to put them into practice and produce the best results.


What they do: Your digital marketing optimizer will be able to close any gaps or leaks in your sales pipeline and nurture prospects to sale. They’ll know your Salesforce from your Unbounce, understanding every piece of software your team encounters, and will be able to utilize every tool to drive top-notch results. Take Lead Forensics for example- they’ll be clued up on how to drive high-quality, sales ready leads by identifying anonymous website traffic.


Why you need them: Marketing technology represents 33% of the average marketing budget, and businesses that use marketing automation see twice as many new business opportunities. To plan more integrated and aligned campaigns, you’re going to need a thorough understanding of the tools and automation systems available and how they will deliver results for your business.


Profile 3 – The content creator

Who they are: Even though B2B marketing relies so heavily on analytical skills, you definitely need a strong creative-mind to help you bring a growing database to life in new creative ways and be one step ahead of your competitors.

What they do: New digital media, content assets, video marketing, blogging… your super-hands on content creator is the forward-thinking mind that brings your inbound marketing to exciting, colorful fruition.

Why you need them: Almost 40% of B2B marketers plan to invest more in content marketing, with over 90% of marketer’s committed to increasing their content success. Nothing fazes the content creator when it comes to trying new things, and by teaming them up with your data analyst and digital marketing optimizer, you’ll be on the straight and narrow to delivering content that converts and produces that vital ROI.


Profile 4 – The retention driver

Who they are: A retention driver brings balance to the force by being at the forefront of your client marketing activity.

What they do: Your retention driver ensures you’re creating and innovating for your customers and builds a loyal base of fans to reduce churn rates and supercharge customer lifetime value. With the help of your current team, they can put data analysis and new content to extra use by benefiting your customer’s brand experience and increasing client success.

Why you need them: It costs up to 7 times more to acquire a new client than it does to generate business from your loyal customer base. And that’s not to mention the value of turning customers into business advocates. The retention driver will ensure every client you work so hard to gain offers your business maximum lifetime value and brings in some referrals too!


Profile 5 – The asset distributor


Who they are: The asset distributor is the one who puts your awesome new content marketing campaigns right under the nose of your prospects via the most relevant and engaging channels.


What they do: Your asset distributor chooses and tests networks wisely to generate those leads and boost that all-important ROI. Whether it’s paid advertising, social media or PR they’ll know where your prospects digital hang-outs are, which channel to test and how to drive the best results from every asset your content creator works tirelessly on.


Why you need them: Social media, paid advertising and PR make a powerful content distribution mix, and being present across the right channels for your buyers is essential if you’re going to provide value and generate leads. With 94% of B2B buyer journeys starting online, your presence hugely dictates your marketing success and ensures you’re preaching to the best audience; working closely with your other marketing superstars, your asset distributor brings all the hard work together.


Your 5 key profiles (whether that’s 5 people, 5 teams or just you!) will need to work in harmony if you’re going to drive those all-important results throughout the complete sales funnel this year. By identifying or creating these 5 key roles, you’ll be more than ready for whatever the year and changeable marketing industry can throw at you.


However you choose to personify these profiles, remember to promote the best traits in your team. The more positivity, focus and pro-active behaviour you encourage, the better you’ll nurture and generate leads. And if you can get those newly acquired leads on the phone with sales in 5 minutes, you’ll be 4000% more likely to qualify them for your sales pipeline! Discourage laziness at every turn, and don’t stand for a disorganized lack of focus- you want a world class marketing team after all!


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