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‘The secrets of B2B sales and marketing innovators’: the highlights

Lead Forensics hosted a webinar on the 25 March, featuring a panel of expert minds to unveil the secrets of B2B sales and marketing innovators.

As the B2B sector and our relationship with technology continues to evolve at rapid pace, it’s vital that businesses do not stagnate — and continue to grow and transform digitally.

Alison Edgar, MBE, better known as ‘The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’, hosted the online event, with panellists including:

  • Michael Hanson, Founder & CEO – Growth Genie
  • Ruth Williams, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce – Astutis
  • Marlen von Roth, Sales Director Cloud EMEA – SUSE
  • Georgina Quinn, Head of Inbound Marketing – Lead Forensics

We’ve pulled together the key takeaways for those of you that missed the webinar — or simply want a recap!

The KEY takeaways

1. Innovation looks different to every business

For Ruth, innovation isn’t always about using new to market tools, it can simply be about making better use of pre-existing tools.

Innovation, for us, has been a cross-fertilization of skills between the sales and marketing teams. It hasn’t really meant using new tools. It’s about really leveraging the assets that we have and making powerful connections between customers.” – Ruth Williams, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce at Astutis

And for Michael, as a sales person, it’s about breaking through the noise to make sure you stand out from the crowd and grab prospects’ attention. He recommends sending voice or video messages, tailoring your message to your prospect and showing you’ve done your research.

“We’re are all on the same playing field at the moment with no events… think about how you can be different from all the salespeople out there.” – Michael Hanson, Founder and CEO, Growth Genie

2.  Building a personal brand and listening to customers’ needs

Creating a personal brand and using that to amplify success has been growing in popularity over the years. For Georgina Quinn, Head of Inbound Marketing at Lead Forensics, this is where understanding your customers is vital.

“Push the genuine perception, make sure you are human and empathetic to your buyers’ situations, and keep it personal.” – Georgina Quinn, Head of Inbound Marketing, Lead Forensics

Ruth agrees, and states that innovative marketers should be listening to the questions they are being asked and creating content around those questions.

“Intent marketing is important. Through live chat we are harvesting those questions and creating content, we have seen an increase of 40% in traffic related to those long tail search terms.” – Ruth Williams, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce, Astutis

3. The buyer journey has changed

With more sales being conducted online, it’s safe to say the buyer journey is different to what it once was.

“The buyer is much more informed, having clicked on around 12 touch-points before reaching out. The steps are the same, but your content has to be more up to speed.” – Marlen von Roth, Sales Director Cloud EMEA, SUSE

For Georgina, sales and marketing alignment is critical to the new buyer journey.

“From a buyer journey perspective, there’s always been a handover from marketing to sales. Now, it’s about nurture. Sales have less opportunity to influence decisions, so marketing and sales have to be aligned.” – Georgina Quinn, Lead Forensics

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