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The top 10 sales software companies that will boost your revenue

Designing the ultimate sales technology stack is key to yielding optimum results — including the amount of revenue your organization generates. From detailed insights and automation to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and personalization software — there is a whole host of innovative software to help you close deals, boost sales and improve your overall process. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together the Lead Forensics top 10 sales software solutions to help you see maximum results.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot provides a multitude of useful business solutions — including a suite of sales and marketing tools, and a free CRM. From contact management and meeting scheduling to email tracking and a reporting dashboard, your sales team will find hordes of useful tools and capabilities with HubSpot. With unlimited users and the ability to store up to one million contacts, your sales representatives will be able to organize their sales pipeline like never before.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is a cloud-based CRM application from Salesforce enhancing B2B sales pipeline management. It provides everything from automation and sales forecasting, to accurate insights and contact management. The tool boasts benefits such as improving customer service, increasing customer retention and enhancing productivity — all of which play a key role in boosting your revenue. Prices vary depending on organization size, support and capabilities, so there is something for everyone.

Pipedrive CRM and pipeline management software

Pipedrive is a CRM platform that prides itself on being built for salespeople, by salespeople. It provides a highly visual CRM and sales pipeline tool — enabling users to manage deals, track communications, automate, grow and more. It spans 90,000 organizations across 179 countries and has seen great results — including a 28% average increase in close rates and customer support in 60 seconds or less.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Account-based marketing and sales have seen proven results, time and time again. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a great tool to help you target the right people, keep track of changes to their organizations and reach out to prospects. There are a variety of plans and packages available based on what works best for your business — from the number of InMail messages you can send to the number of leads you are able to save.


To generate more revenue, it’s likely you’ll need to set up meetings to showcase your product, impress your potential clients and get the ball rolling. GoToMeeting is a platform that enables real-time online meetings, desktop sharing and video conferencing, allowing your sales teams to meet with prospects and clients online — making it easier for your potential buyers, and more cost and time efficient for your sales team.


InsightSquared is an AI-powered software that uses your business data to optimize your revenue and achieve predictable growth. It enables better sales pipeline management, data-driven planning, optimized demand generation and more. With detailed analytics, automated reporting and full sales funnel visibility, your team will have everything they need to maximize results and make informed decisions.


For exceptional customer service and the best chance of increasing revenue — you need to make it easy for your customers. And, that is exactly what MixMax does. Utilizing automation, the tool develops personalized communications for your leads and customers. Through instant scheduling, email tracking and countless integrations, win more replies, increase your performance, improve your customer experience and, in turn, reduce your closing time.


Personalization should be at the heart of every pitch you design. With Webeo, B2B organizations can create bespoke online experiences for every visitor, every time. This positions your business as the go-to industry-leader, boosts conversions and increases the chances of making a sale. Greet your visitors by business name, display relevant content, use engaging language and imagery that stands out to your potential buyer for maximum impact.

Lead Forensics

Lead Forensics is a lead generation software that supports sales teams at every stage of the pipeline. The tool works by tracking your B2B website, revealing the identity of your visitors and alerting you in real-time. Utilizing a global leading database of business IP addresses, Lead Forensics can tell you the exact organization visiting your website, as well as providing contact details of key decision-makers from that business and detailed user journeys of the time they spent on your site. This gives marketers and sales teams everything they need to design the ultimate pitch. Discover a bounty of new leads directly from your website, personalize your approach and maximize every opportunity.

Lead Manager

Lead Manager is a prospecting tool that Lead Forensics users can access. It provides a place for users to oversee leads, as well as enabling teams to track them. And, since Lead Manager integrates seamlessly with any CRM software, it prioritizes leads and filters those that are ‘sales-ready’ directly through to your CRM. This helps ensure the right leads land with the right person, and opportunities are managed effectively.
When selecting a tool for your business, be sure to choose one that provides you with the most benefits. To find out more about Lead Forensics — and how it can keep your pipeline full of engaged leads while supporting your team throughout the nurturing process, help them close the deal and increase customer retention rates, request your free demonstration today.


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